Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Camp: Part Two

Last week, I hosted a week long summer camp for my girls and their friends.  I've already talked about Monday and Tuesday, so today I'm going to finish up with a summary of Wednesday through Friday.  All in all we had a fabulous time.  I'm hoping that some of what I taught them or reviewed with will keep their brains in shape an ready for school to start in a few weeks.
Making Ladybugs out of Apples, Peanut Butter, Pretzels, and Raisins

Finished Caterpillars and Making Butterflies
On Wednesday, insects were our theme.  We started out by learning about different types of honey bees and how they live their lives.  They used a microscope to look at the different parts of the bee and to get a close up view.  They later used what they learned about parts of an insect to make an ant out of pretzels, marshmallows, icing, and mini M&M's.  Following along with the bees, we colored and cut out a hive with the letters -ee on it.  On the back of the hive we fastened a circle with letters on it.  We used the hive to practice -ee words, such as bee, fee, tee, tree, flee, etc. 
 We continued our insect theme, by using The Very Hungry Caterpillar to explore the life cycle of a butterfly.  We began by using clay to make an egg.  After the egg, we used a pipe cleaner, penne noodles, and circles cut out of construction paper to make a caterpillar.  Following the caterpillar, we used a Bendaroo to make the cocoon.  And finally, we used a butterfly pattern and Popsicle stick to make a flying butterfly.
During our insect theme, we also painted flower pots so we could plant seeds for the insects.

On Thursday, our theme was pizza.  I used the pizza theme to introduce fractions to the older group and review shapes with the younger group.  We used the Melissa and Doug Pizza, Veggie,  and Cake set, to practice our fractions in a store setting.  For example, a customer may order 2/5 of the French bread and the baker had to serve them the correct order.    This was probably the girls favorite game of the week. 
During pizza day, we made pretend pizzas out of foam shapes, as well as real pizza out of bagels and toppings.
Making Pizza Puzzle
Making a pizza out of shapes
On Friday, our main topic was money.  We learned the names and values of the penny, nickle, dime, and quarter.  We also learned the names of the presidents that live on those coins.  To practice counting and sorting of money, I had an egg hunt for the girls.  Each egg was full of different coins.  In teams of three, they raced to find their eggs, sort their money, and help me count the value.  We brainstormed reasons why we need money, how we can earn money, and why we should save money.  Six out of the nine girls thought the most important thing to save for was Disney World!  Two wanted to save so they could go to the beach.  And one wanted to buy herself a waterpark.  I wonder if the moms can figure out which their child chose?
Coloring a Penny While Singing our Penny Song
Practicing our Ballet Routine
Throughout the week, the girls also worked very hard to learn a ballet routine and earn money into their own piggy bank.  On Friday, they performed their routine for the moms and used their money to buy prizes out of the treasure box.  Thanks girls for a great week!


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