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Silent Saturday

Our Trip to DC to Watch the Red Wings Play

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fabulous Food Friday with Notes From the Nelsens

Fabulous Food Friday
 Welcome to Fabulous Food Friday! While exploring the blogosphere, I realized that there were many great recipes to share. So every Friday, I am going to  feature an awesome blogger with their great recipe! Today’s feature blogger is Heather from Notes From the Nelsens.  Notes from the Nelsens is co-written by high school sweethearts, Heather and Matt.  They are enjoying married life and sharing their journey and wonderful recipes on their blog.   If you would like to be featured, I'd love to have you.  Just shoot me an email at

If you love macaroni and cheese like me, you will LOVE this! You can either bake this dish in the oven at 350 for 25-30 minutes, or make it a skillet meal. If you do decide to bake it, I would layer all of the ingredients without mixing, and undercook the pasta by about 7 minutes. I have done it both ways, but today's recipe will show the skillet version- it's super quick and easy!

It's only 5 ingredients!

Brown meat and drain excess grease.

Add Ro-tel, undrained.

Add corn, drained.

Add 1/2 cup of shredded cheese- I recommend cheddar (we were out), but any other cheese will work.

Cook mac-n-cheese according to package.

Add approximately 1/3 cup of sour cream.

Add mac-n-cheese mixture to skillet.


Sprinkle with extra cheese.

Serve with a glass of wine. Why? Because when you're raised in a northern Irish-Catholic family from Jersey, a glass of wine goes well with any meal. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Keep the Kiddos Entertained While Getting Something Done

We all know that we shouldn’t use the TV as a babysitter, but we all do it once in awhile. Some days we just don’t feel like playing Barbie and other days we might just really need to get a load of laundry done. However, some days it seems nearly impossible to come up with anything to keep our children’s attention. When you need a quick, no-mess activity, grab some stickers, crayons, and a paper plate. Sit them at the kitchen table and let them decorate their plate with stickers and drawings. It will amaze you at how long they will focus on such a simple task. You may even be able to unload your dishwasher, without someone hanging on your leg. Easter egg hunts are also fun and entertaining. Hide 20-30 eggs in your child’s room and give them a basket. While they are having fun, sit outside their door and fold some laundry. You will be able to see and hear their delight and still get something accomplished. If your little one insists on helping you, make a pile of socks for them to match. This is a fun task for them and a helpful one for you.

Books on CD are great when you are trying to prepare dinner. Your children can stay in the same room as you, hear a great story, and you can actually cook! Every few weeks I take the kids to the library to pick out some books on CD. They work really well for during “nap” time too. Even if your child won’t sleep, they will at least get some rest. Dance parties are also fun. While you are cooking dinner, turn on some music and let your kids perform for their dolls or stuff animals. Not only does this keep them busy, but it also helps them get out their excess energy so they sleep better at night. My kids are now at the point that they don’t even need me to turn on the music. They just make their own!

My girls also love to do puzzles. Although this is usually entertaining enough, sometimes a little variation makes it even more exciting. When they need a little extra fun, I let them put together a puzzle on the computer. Websites, such as Webkinz and Nick Jr., have online puzzles made for kids ages 3-99. These types of puzzles also help develop fine motor skills and eye to hand coordination. Another variation on puzzles is to let them create their own. Give them a coloring book and crayons to use while you are getting your chores done. When they complete their picture, help them cut their picture into pieces. Then encourage them to put the picture back together. If you want the puzzle to last longer, glue the picture to cardstock before cutting.

How do you keep your children entertained while you get your chores done? Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FarmMatch Learning App Review

Although I am the only one in my family that has an iPad, I am not the only one who enjoys the fun applications that are available.   I love that their are so many apps geared towards children and many of them are educational.  My kids enjoy books, puzzles, and mazes on the iPad.  Just last week, I downloaded a new game on my iPad for my girls.  FarmMatch from is a fun and FREE application that works on iPhones, iTouches, and iPads.  FarmMatch is a memory and matching game that was developed by parents for their children. It is simple educational entertainment with no hidden gimmicks or in-app purchases.

FarmMatch has three different levels to challenge its users: easy, medium, and hard.  So whether you have a three year old who is just learning to match or if you have an eight year old who you want to challenge, FarmMatch will provide a game that works the child's cognitive and memorization skills.  My daughter loves the "silly" pictures and the sound that reminds her what each picture is.  However, I also love the fact that this app allows you to turn off the sound.   This would be a great game to play in the restaurant, car, or airplane.  To find this fun game through your Apple device, visit the app store and search for Farm Animals Memory Game to find it more quickly.  And since it's free, you don't have to take my word for it.  Just download it and give it a try.  Your kiddos will thank you!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Personal Microderm Review

As we get older, we all start noticing the growing number of wrinkles, dead skin patches, and age spots on our face.  We have also all heard about how effective professional microdermabrasion treatments are.  How would you love to achieve amazing anti-aging results an at home Personal Microderm System?  The PMD  "works just like a professional microdermabrasion treatment without the hassle or cost. The hand-held device uses the same aluminum oxide crystals as the ten thousand dollar machines found at your doctor's office."

The system includes 1 personal microderm, 5 exfoliating discs (2 green and 3 blue), 1 electric cord (Standard U.S. Outlet), 1 facial cap, 1 body cap, 1 reusable filter, Instructional CD and Pamphlet.  After watching the instructional DVD, I decided that I wouldn't be a good candidate for this review.  I wanted you all to get a true review so I worked with my good friend to complete the review.  Below you will find her Before/After pics and her thoughts on the system.  You will see that is very important to review all the directions.  It may take a few attempts to get the hang of it, but the outcome will be soft smoother skin.
PMD has a new line of skincare products that will help boost your PMD treatment. The "PMD Daily Regeneration System - Starter Kit is a complete skin care regimen designed to enhance the effects of the PMD Personal Microderm Device". It includes their Advanced Soothing Cleanser, Calming Neuro Neutralizing Toner, and Professional Recovery Moisturizer. 

Although when I received these products I was used to the microdermabrasion tool, this is the first time I’ve used the skin care products.  I noticed right away that the cleanser is a type I don’t like—the “no water” kind-just massage it into your face and rinse off.   As soon as I start massaging though, I could tell it’s different that others I have tried—the product does lather up some without water.   It makes it feel like its cleaning better that way.  I then used the PMD tool, then the toner, then moisturizer.  All the products feel nice on my skin, no burning, which is good.

Almost two weeks after using the PMD products, I have to say I do like them.  Every product—the cleanser, toner and moisturizer—are like silk on my skin.  They are all very mild, and at no time did I have any adverse reactions-no burning, itching, etc.  I do wish, however, that they did not have fragrance in them.  Even though the moisturizer says fragrance-free, I still smell something.  I also wish there was a separate day and night moisturizer-I would have liked to have had an SPF in the day lotion, and a more intense, reparative night cream.  I think on the whole, though, all the products pair well with the microdermabrasion tool, which I’ve done twice now.  My skin definitely feels smoother and fresher after that.  I can’t tell a substantial difference in the appearance of my skin after just two weeks, but it definitely feels smoother.  Maybe a slight decrease in wrinkles, but again, it is not dramatic.  On the whole I like the products; maybe with more use over time I will see a dramatic improvement.  I will definitely continue using them.


Disclosure:  I was given a PMD Daily Regeneration System Starter Kit to conduct the review.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinions are honest.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Belli Skin Care Review

Like most mothers, when I was expecting I was very concerned with everything that went into and on my body.  Belli Skin Care products were specifically developed with the mothers and mothers-to-be in mind.  Whether you are expecting or nursing, Belli's luxurious and effective products are safe for you.  The doctors and experts behind Belli, Jason and Annette Rubin, have also developed products that are safe for your newborn.

Since I am not currently pregnant, I thought I would let my friend who is 10 months along review the products for me.  She was very excited to hear that the products were free of Teratogens (which have been linked to birth defects and miscarriages), Paraben Preservatives, BPA, Phthalates, and Artificial dyes.  According to Dr. Rubin, "During pregnancy, over 1/3 of women experience acne and 70% experience chloasma, dark brown spots".  Belli's Complexion Protection Duo (shown above) helps protect the skin from hormonal breakouts and from the harmful UVA sunrays that can cause the chloasma.  My reviewer said,  "I'm used to using a foaming facial cleanser and now I don't think I'll ever go back. The gel-like cleanser left me face feeling to smooth and clean and the scent was invigorating. I don't really have sensitive skin, it's more reactive, in that every time I switch cleansers I break out, this is the first time in 15 years that I have not broken out from a new product!!   The first thing I noticed with the Anti-Chloasma Facial Sunscreen was the scent. I've tried numerous tinted moisturizers and when I'm pregnant, I just cannot get over the smell, it will make me sick all day and Belli's had virtually no fake tan smell. The other super bonus for me was that it really evened out my skin tone, I am clueless when it comes to makeup and this took care of it all for me!"

Belli Eye Brightening Cream is not just for those who are pregnant or postpartum.  This Vitamin K enriched eye cream can help "revive and illuminate tired eyes".   This cream targets and hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes to reduce the appearance of puffiness.  My reviewer said, "The under eye cream was amazing! Within five days I noticed a difference. That will come in handy when the baby comes and bags are really bad!"  Now I can't use pregnancy as an excuse for tired looking eyes, but I could definitely use something like this to reduce the puffiness.
The Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator is "a daily/nightly moisturizer rich in botanical humectants that help refine and soften texture.  It includes an antioxidant boost of Vitamin C and grape seed for radiant, healthy looking skin".    I love that it is suitable for all skin types.  I have very sensitive skin and it is sometimes hard to find a moisturizer that doesn't turn me all blotchy. My reviewer doesn't have sensitive skin, but is very sensitive to smells during her pregnancies.  She said, "I used the daily moisturizer before bed every night. One thing I can't stand is when I can feel the product on my face, this cream was so non-greasy and smooth it absorbed right away and I could feel how much smoother was skin was".

Check out the entire Belli Line at SkincareRX!

Disclosure: I received the reviewed products free of charge in exchange for my review.  I was under no obligation to provide a positive review.  No other compensation was received. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

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