Thursday, July 1, 2010

Deer, Skunks, and the Poconos (with discount code)!

Did the title catch your attention? Skunks and Deer are just a few of the fun things we encountered on our vacation to the Poconos. Although I will admit that I enjoyed one more than the other. :) For those of you who missed last week’s post, my hubby and I went on a solo vacation to the Pocono Mountains. We had a great time on our own, but missed the kids dearly. We caught ourselves many times saying, “The girls would love this!” But never fear, we took lots of video and pictures for the kids to enjoy.

Cove Haven Resort had been on our possible honeymoon list ten years ago. We had requested a brochure way back then and have been receiving emails ever since. Last month, we got an offer that we just couldn’t refuse. Half off our stay! So with the kids happily at my parents’ house we began our journey to Pennsylvania. When we arrived, the first thing that we noticed was that there were more deer than people. Since we are used to vacationing at Disney World, this was a big difference. At least we wouldn’t be waiting in line for any activities, right?!?

Check out some pictures from our room suite. Our suite had a living room area with couch, coffee table, dining table, TV, and heart Jacuzzi tub. I made my poor husband clean the tub with Lysol. I figure if I’m on vacation, I don’t need to worry about germ lurking on the tub.

The bedroom had a king size round bed, a fireplace, walk in closet, and bathroom. Those who know me well, know that I always bring my own sheets and pillows to hotels. I know it is ridiculous, my hubby laughs at me all the time. But again, if I want to relax, I need this extra barrier against who knows what (and I don’t want to know, so please don’t tell me). The round bed made this a little difficult, but I ended up figuring it out.

Through the bedroom door was a private pool and steam sauna. The pool wasn’t very big, but it was definitely relaxing. The entire suite was wired with a Bose sound system, so it was nice to listen to music while floating in the pool. This was my favorite part of the suite because the acoustics in the room were amazing. I had fun singing out loud knowing that no one could hear me. My husbands’ favorite part of the suite was that it had no windows. Therefore, when the lights went out it was pitch dark except for a tiny hint of light coming in through the vent in the living room area. This vent was also where we were so lucky to have a friendly skunk spray his lovely scent into our room. Stinky!

The resort, as a whole, had a cruise like feel to it. All the activities, entertainment, and food were included. They had silly trivia games, BINGO, and sport tournaments. My hubby and I actually participated in the Ping Pong tournament and CSI game. I’m happy to report, that we won both! We were so excited to win our medals that we shared with the second place team both times. I figured if we had two for each girl, we didn’t really need the other ones. What am I going to do with a Poconos medal?

Our favorite part of our trip was just hanging out and doing activities together. Since there really weren’t many people there, we usually had buildings to ourselves. We went ice skating twice with not a single other person on the ice. We played ping pong, air hockey, basketball, tennis, archery, bocce ball, table shuffle board, mini golf, pinball, and gin rummy. We also went swimming indoors and outdoors and ate a lot of food! The food was delicious and all you can eat! Now I am happy to say that we stuck with one helping, but one helping included appetizer, main course, and dessert. That’s a lot of food for me. But I was happy that dinner gave me a chance to dress up for my hubby. I don’t think I’ve worn a dress in about three years except at my brother’s wedding. My new dresses went perfectly with a new necklace that my mother-in-law got me from Red Envelope.




We had a great time, but were happy to head home. On the way home we got stuck on I81 because of an accident. We must have been stopped for about an hour. People were getting out of their cars to walk, stretch, grab a drink from their trunks, and have a smoke. The funniest part of the trip happened when the traffic started moving again. Our lane started moving, but the lane beside us wasn’t moving. At first we didn’t know why, but we heard a lot of honking. Finally, we passed a man sound asleep in his car. Chair back, mouth open, completely out! We thought it was hilarious, but the people trapped behind him weren’t so happy! What are your favorite vacation memories? Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion!

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Butterfly Flutter said...

Oh, it looks like you both had a great time. Well, deserving time off that was greatly needed I am sure.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Sounds like a great time, despite the stinky spray! Great pictures!

Shanilie said...

WOW, I'v never been in a place as nice as that. The bed and tub look SO inviting. Looks like it was a very special time.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Kel!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your compliments! It was a great family outing! The 2nd time we went again, and I actually walked a few rounds at the park! Quite a feat for someone who has long stopped exercising hahaha...

Btw, love that jacuzzi!