Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Museum Fun!

This past weekend, my family traveled to Richmond to help my sister move into her new apartment.  But before the moving "fun" started, my husband and I took the girls to the Richmond Science Museum.  The girls had a blast exploring space, experiencing optical illusions, learning about exploration, studying the human body, petting snakes, and much more!

On the main level of the museum, the girls learned about  space.  They played a game that taught them about different orbits. They learned about the power of pressure as they launches their own rockets. They were even able to experience what it felt like to squeeze themselves into a little lunar module.  After testing every thing out.  They were really excited to go to the IMAX planetarium show.

Also on the main level of the museum, they learned about exploration.  We practiced using different maps and even how to read map symbols.  They tried on different outfits to match different exploration sites.  The girls even learned how to build a pyramid.   We actually had to build it twice so they could take turns putting the top on.  After building the pyramid, we had a pretend snack in  African explorers tent while listening to the wildlife around us.  When we went out to explore, we discover elephant footprints as well as a strong elephant odor.  Stinky!  We finished up the main level by pretending to fly a plane around the world.  From what I observed, I'm not sure if either of my girls should take up flying lessons. 

 On the second level of the museum we discovered snakes, turtles, fish, and rats that can play basketball.  The girls explored the junior ecologist lab and viewed crayfish and other small water animals under a microscope.  They didn't really have any desire to touch these animals, but when we into the next lab full of reptiles they decided they wanted to touch a snake.  So brave!  After the animal labs, we went through about 30 different hands on activities that explored the human body.

The basement level of the museum was probably the most fun for them.  There were many hands on activities for kids that invited them to explore and solve problems.  Their favorites included building an arch and blowing huge bubbles.  Building the arch was actually pretty tough.  It took all four of us to complete it.

The basement level also had a beach theme where the girls could watch waves, explore and touch sea creatures, and dig for seashells or shark teeth.

If you are ever in the Richmond area, I would definitely recommend the Science Museum.  We had so much fun and will definitely be back!


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Looks like fun!
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Shell said...

What a fun place!

Dawn said...

what an awesome place! Thanks so much for following me, now I gotcha back :) have a great week!
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Holly said...

Museums can be MAGICAL!!
I think I'd skip the snake, though... EEEWwww.... LOL! Yes, I'm a wimp! ;p

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Robin said...

Science museums are wonderful places. The whole making learning fun concept is... well, outstanding. Frankly, Science from a textbook is Boring. It might really help that they had this when they read about it in said textbook, so that it takes some of the Yawn factor out. So glad they (and you & your hubby) had such a great time!

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It sounds like your girls did EVERYTHING at the museum. I'm sure you got your money's worth. I happen to be a big fan of IMAX movies/shows myself. I'm now following you from FMBT. I look forward to reading more!


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