Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop #3

It's Spotlight Saturday Hosted By

Between the Lines

Welcome to our new blog hop with a twist!  Every week swing by to link up your blog and one you want to spotlight!  Did you find a new blog you liked this week?  Is there one you visit on a daily basis?  Well, simply link up your Spotlighted blog right under yours.  We will Spotlight our favorite blogs of the week in spots 4, 5, and 6.  This week we are spotlighting our favorite food blogs!  Please share your favorites with us!

How it Works

1) Link up your own blog.
2)Link up a blog you want to spotlight for the week.(ex. Spotlight: I Spot You)
3) Follow your three hosts.
4) Grab our button and post it on your sidebar or a Spotlight Saturday Post.
5) Follow as many blogs from the list and leave a comment so they know you stopped by.
6) Return the favor by following blogs that followed you.
(Be aware that URL's cannot be duplicated so please have a second spotlight choice in mind. If your blog's URL has already been spotlighted, just add one you'd like to spotlight. )

 Don't forget to leave a comment for the blog you spotlighted so they can come join the blog hopping fun! And don't miss next week's Crafty Spotlight Saturday. Come join the blog hop fun and Spotlight your favorite Creative Blog! 

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Erica K said...

thanks for the link up.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Excellent!! I'll make sure to link up next Saturday! It's great to visit new blogs, thanks!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by. This is so much fun!

Kel said...

My fellow co-hosts are having technical difficult. You can still follow them and they get their post up ASAP. Thanks!

Tree said...

Hi Kel!! Thanks so much for featuring me as one of your favorite food blogs! :) I'm linking up with ya'll right under my youngest daughter's birthday post!

Have a great weekend!

Tree @ Mother of Pearl It Is

Xmas Dolly said...

Okay, I think I'm doing this wrong. Was I supposed to put a link to my give-away or just to me. If it was just to me I so apologize. Please delete then & let me know & I'll sign up again. THANKS.

Pumpkin Tart said...

Thanks so much for spotlighting me!


WinItMama said...

Hello, I'm your newest follower from Saturday Stalk for Savings! Feel free to stop by sometime...

WinItMama WINS

Cori said...

Thanks for the link up! I'm off to bed but tomorrow I'll stop by and say hi to people!

Thanks for hosting and I added this button to my blog rolL!

Stormy said...

Love this idea! ♥

Sisterlisa said...

now that's a lot of food blogs! Is this blog hop calorie free? I bet I gained 50 lbs surfing this today. :)

Sisterlisa said...

now that's a lot of food blogs! Is this blog hop calorie free? I bet I gained 50 lbs surfing this today. :)