Monday, August 16, 2010

A Tricky Blog Post

About 5 Days ago, I had a Tricky Trivia post about not using a particular symbol from our ABC’s.  A fab lady from THIS blog said I should try writing a blog post without this symbol.  I don’t know what to blog about, but I thought I’d try to form a post without this symbol.  I am truly curious how an author could form a book without the symbol.  I’ve finding it awfully difficult to form a thought without it.  Do you know which symbol is missing from this post so far?  It is an awfully popular symbol and I miss using it! That is about all I got.  No victory, but I did as good (I know not good grammar) as I could. Try it and find out just how hard it is!


mauralynne said...

Is it an "e"? I did see the word attEmpt in this post though! ;)

Kel said...

Thanks for the catch! :) I changed it. I reread this 100 times and I didn't see it. I want to see this book that was written without the letter e. It seems impossible.

blueviolet said...

Mauralynne is clever for figuring it out!