Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Disney Trip in Pictures: Part Three

 Hanging out with the fairies.  Here's Fawn.

 And Tinkerbell.
 And Vidia.
 Grabbing a picture with Buzz Lightyear while waiting for Daddy to get off the Buzz Lightyear ride.
 She loves her Stitch.
 Hugging Nala.
 Mickey Mouse at the Garden Grill.  I wouldn't recommend this restaurant, but the kids had fun watching the restaurant spin. 

 Riding the Carousel. 

 Meeting Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen for the first time.
 Stitch again.  This time he stole her little Stitch and wouldn't give it back.  She thought it was hilarious.
 This little one behind the wheel is scary.  I think I got whiplash.
 This is a kid's size portion of spaghetti from Planet Hollywood.  She's already been eating it for 20 minutes and hasn't made a dent.
 Dancing and acting silly at Planet Hollywood.

 Standing in front of the Beach Club's Gingerbread Carousel wearing beautiful Minnie shirts made by our friend.

Bye Disney World.  We had a great time!!

I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!!!


Amy said...

your girls are so weird! i wonder where they got that from... definitly not from us haha :)i wish you were here!!!! miss you!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Trista said...

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