Sunday, December 5, 2010

Personalized Letters From Santa

Attention all parents, grand-parents, uncles, aunts, etc...  How excited would your favorite kids be to receive a personalized letter from Santa???   As most of you know, my friends and I are raising money to support Relay for Life again this year and our first major fundraiser are Santa Letters!   For a small fee of $3 per child, you can get a personalized Santa letter sent to a special child this year!  The $3 fee covers everything…the letter, special enclosures, postage, and envelope!  Just send me an email at with the following information by or before December 15th to insure that all the kids receive their letters on time!  All of the profits are going to our Relay for Life team, so it’s also for a wonderful cause!

Name of the child (first and last)-  
Age - 
Gender - 
Accomplishments (such as you’ve been nice to your sister/brother, keeping your room clean, etc)- 
Who would have told Santa their most wanted toy/item this year (Mom, Dad, Grandma, etc)
Most wanted toy this year (that they are most likely getting from Santa)- 
The child’s hometown that Santa will visit this year (or visiting city they will be in) - 
Parent’s name(or contact who’s sending this letter for the child) -
Address - 
Contact info (email or phone number) -    

Upon receiving the information I will email you the address where you can send a check.  Or you can click on the link on the right sidebar to donate directly to Relay.  This method, however, has a $10 minimum.  Thanks for your support and Merry Christmas!

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