Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love it, Hate it, Gotta Get it

Technology never ceases to amaze me.  Every day, new devices are developed or improved.  And while, most of these modern day devices are unbelievable to me, some I wish would just disappear and never be reinvented.

One of my newest discoveries, and absolute LOVE, are my new car seat warmers!  How did we manage before them??  There is nothing more unpleasant than stepping out into 20 degree temps and then having to sit on a seat that is colder.  This is definitely an invention that I am so thankful for.  Another new love is my iPad.  It is like my own personal mini computer.  I can check my email and Facebook, play games on my own or with my mom who is hundreds of miles away, listen to my favorite music, read some great books, catch up on any missed shows, watch a Netflix movie, and so much more.   The iPad is probably the best present that my hubby has ever bought me!

Some of today's latest and greatest technology has me shaking my head.  I might be the only one, but I can certainly do without  cell phones that get internet and blue tooth ear pieces.  If I'm home and need to check something on the internet, I can use my computer or iPad.  If I'm out with friends or family, I figure I should be visiting with them and not be surfing the web.  Of course, I understand that these types of cell phones are great for the work environment, but as a WAHM, it is not really a piece of technology I need.  Now the blue tooth ear pieces...I wish they could be banned from public places.   I am all for people using them when they are driving in the car, but at the grocery store???   How many times have you stopped to answer someone in the store only to discover that they weren't talking to you??   It has happened to me more times than I care to admit.  But what can you expect?   They are standing there all alone, looking at you, and talking.  You are bound to think they are trying to get your attention.

Now on to those cool invention that I've seen in action, but don't own.  On the top of my list is a GPS Navigator.  I've never been a big fan of driving to new places and the main reason why is because I'm terrified of getting lost and not being able to find my way home.  I'm not sure if having GPS would completely eliminate the fear, but I'm sure it would help.  Deicer spray is another AMAZING invention that I need to get. :)  My dad use to spray it on the windows when I was in college, but for some reason I forgot it until this winter.  Every morning I look at the ice on the car windows and I think, 'I really need to find out where they sell that spray.'  But for some reason, I always forget to buy it.

What great inventions to Love, Hate, or Gotta Get???  Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion!


mommymommymommy said...

I think texting is a scourge upon society. No one seems to speak anymore.

Cell phones are great for emergencies, but also take away from people's social skills. Last week at the school carnival, parents dropped off their kids, stood in a corner, and texted the evening away.

Is it any wonder why children ignore adults? They grew up with their parents ignoring them!

Stuff could be worse said...

I agree with this post! Funny how we do love and hate it? I do have to stay connected with the net, but not with the smart phones yet...

Martha Lawson said...

Just give me a regular cell phone! I hate, hate, hate those blue tooth earpieces. Looks like you have a growth in your ear. Yes, I have tried to answer several people who were talking on phones. Too much technology!!

Jacqueline said...

Ok, the car seat soon as my twins are born I am definitely getting!!! Mobile phones.... and texting as someone said above.... I have to agree, the scourge on society! I once had a friend of my husband's to my home and he spent the entire night on his Blackberry. He stepped out no less than five times to talk to someone. And they carry like three phones over here. And those bluetooth headsets! HATE.... Brain cancer in an ear piece for starters, but yes, I have stopped to answer someone like you..... Felt like an idiot!
We have GPS built into our car....CANNOT live without it. It's also great when there is traffic or road construction, as there is always in Doha, for finding roads to go around! What a great topic!