Monday, October 24, 2011

Are Video Games Harmful?

Like TV, there is an ongoing debate about whether video games are harmful to our children. The quote, “Too much TV will rot your brain!” sticks out vividly in my mind. However, I actually feel that video games can be beneficial to our children. Of course, like everything else they do in life, they should be played in moderation. Video games have come so far since we were children. Kids no longer sit still in front of a computer with a small joystick. They are up and about with wireless controllers working on their eye hand coordination while doing physical activities. The video games that require movement are not the only ones that are beneficial. Many of the children’s games improve fine motor and cognitive skills as well. My girls love playing games that have jigsaw puzzles and mazes. Completing these tasks with a controller or stylus is much harder than completing them with a pencil. My girls also have games that help reinforce reading, math, and social skills. They think, create, and explore through a medium that they couldn’t do elsewhere. Handheld games, like the Nintendo DS, are also great for travelling or when your child isn’t feeling well enough to play with other kids. Why not let your kiddos have some fun instead of sitting around all day being bored? Do you think video games are harmful or helpful to our children’s development? Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion!

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