Monday, February 1, 2010

The 2010 Grammy Awards

If you love award shows like I do, you probably watched the Grammy Awards last night. No award show experience is complete without tuning in early to catch the arrival of the stars. The red carpet never fails to fascinate me. It is graced by some of the world’s best singers and actors. They are picked apart by the world’s toughest critics. And it is televised to millions and millions of homes. Despite all this, the stylists’ of the stars still keep their jobs. Take Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, or Ciara, for example. How was their stylist able to convince them that the dress they chose worked? Or better yet, why was there no one around to advise them against their own choice. Then there are those like Lady Gaga who dress to get noticed. Last night, she graced our screen with an unusual light purple ensemble, “complimented” with long spiky things coming out of her dress and gloves. Of course, there are always the few good exceptions to the red carpet. The stars that choose to keep it simple (like Carrie Underwood) never fail to stun their viewers with their classic beauty.

The Grammys this year was not short on surprising performances. Lady Ga Ga performing with Elton John covered in soot, Beyonce marching on stage with her own army of soldiers (although the introduction from Simon Baker helped), and Pink hanging from the ceiling sporting a painted on glitter bra were the nights most over-the-top productions. However, after I made it through those performances, I was able to enjoy the rest of the show. I was happy to see artists like Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi give a good old fashion performance without all the glitz and glamour. I know it is fun to show your creative side, but sometimes musical artists get a little bit out of control. What were your thoughts on the show last night? Loved it? Hated it? Seen Better?

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thegreengirl said...

Well, you lasted much longer than me! I don't get it, if you have talent why mask with all the show? I so badly wanted a pair of scissors to chop off Beyonce's hair that for some reason kept whipping around and getting in her mouth?!?
I heard Regis and Kelly this morning talking about it and Kelly was saying about artist's showmanship being a result of high ticket sales pushing them to go over the top so the audience feels like they're getting their money's worth. If I ever went to one of those concerts (which I don't think you could pay me enough to go to) I would demand my money back!
If you are lucky enough to be graced with a musical talent leave it at that.

melia426 said...

why dont stars know what modesty is anymore!! ugg think about all the little girls that saw Pink hanging from the ceiling pretty much naked except for a little glitter... what a role model!