Friday, September 3, 2010

PlayStation 3 House Party!

YEAH!  We won the opportunity to host the PlayStation 3 House Party!  I applied for this house party because it was being held a few days before my hubby's birthday and he loves his PS3. 

I can't wait to get my party pack & see what else is in it..
So far I know ....
  • 2 PlayStation® Move motion controllers + PS Eye Camera
  • Brand new games that use PlayStation® Move
  • Plus everything you need for your perfect PlayStation® House Party!

I know many others who have hosted House Party's before and they've always said there are fun things for the party guests.   I'll let you all know what comes in the party pack when it gets here!


Ava said...


Tish said...

That's So cool!! Sounds like something my husband would love!

Following you from FFF! Have a great weekend!

Chelle said...

That's awesome girl!! Have fun--and I've applied for a couple...crossing fingers over here :)