Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just a Bump on a Log

I've always been an on the go type of person.  I was always into athletics, running, and playing with the kiddos outdoors.  I managed to maintain my semi-slender figure because I was always on the move.  So what do I do all day, now that I  can't walk around because there are several tendons torn in my leg?  I sit on my butt and eat!  

I just can't stop eating!

I know there are many of you out there that don't feel like eating when you start to feel down in the dumps.  I wish I had that mentality.  I am the complete opposite.  If I feel down or bored, I eat.  I keep telling myself to go work on my book, write a poem, read a novel.   But I have absolutely no motivation.   It took all that I had to just write this short, simple blog post.   And of course, as I continue to eat, the jiggling begins.  UGH!

So ladies, any ideas?   What can I do, that is productive (and doesn't include food), while sitting like a bump on a log?  Grab a latte (and maybe a donut), put up your feet, and join the discussion!


Rebecca Watson said...

When I am down for the count, I usually like to read magazines or do a word search book. I could do those all day long :)

chinamommy said...

Oh I wish I had some advice for you...I'm a down-in-the-dumps-NOT-eater. I feel for you though because that would be very hard to deal with. Do you scrapbook, or maybe use this as an excuse to built an entire Sim's village with a wii?!
Best of luck...OH WAIT, you could go read my blog from beginning to that is a GREAT idea :) hee, hee!

Sarah B. said...

When I'm down, I love to blog surf for inspiration! (Unfortunately I like to eat too, though!)

Carol said...

I've been going through the same thing. It's so hard sometimes! Here's a few things that help when I'm watching tv so I don't snack~clean and file my nails, pull stray hairs with tweezers (I don't know where they come from),floss my teeth and chew gum.

Laura Hartness said...


I've been an emotional eater as well, and at my highest weight I was 248 pounds. God has really helped me through the First Place 4 Health program, but I still have my days.

If you want to kill the "hungries", make sure you're fully hydrated. One sign of dehydration is hunger, believe it or not. And try to fill up with high-fiber, protein-rich, lower calorie foods. You'll feel fuller longer. Try some fruit with handful of almonds.

No, it's not the same as going full-tilt on a bag of cookies, but then you won't wake up in full regret-mode in the morning...

I hope you feel better soon!

Laura Hartness
The Calico Critic

Romans 15:13

Jasey said...

Gum! Chew Gum! When I get the munchies, I plop a piece of gum in my mouth and then I can't put anything else in! There is also this new lemon and new lime product that I love to put in my water - totally helps with the sugared flavored beverage craving!

Heather said...

Knit! Even if you don't know how, knit or do some other craft that will keep your hands busy and you don't want food grease to mess up.

pat said...

paint your finger nails, reapply every other day...this way you keep busy and it is much harder to nibble when your nails are wet...good luck!

Kel said...

Ladies - Thank you so much for all your great ideas. I been chewing the gum today and filing the nails. Maybe tomorrow, I'll start my scrapbooking up again and catch up on my blog reading. And I'll definitely have to send my hubby out for some new magazines!