Monday, February 15, 2010

Unusual Vacation Destinations

Yesterday the internet was flooded by articles, stories, and ads all relating to Valentine’s Day. They all focused on romantic getaways, movies, poems, and gifts. But while I was reading, I came across a story unlike the rest. Instead of focusing on the romantic, this article was focused on the unromantic. Some of the unusual vacation destinations in the article, like visiting the Oprah store, were just silly. Of course you wouldn’t be tempted to take your significant other on a vacation to a store. But many of the other choices, although bizarre, were fascinating(but of course, not romantic).

Of all the unromantic destinations Bing travel came up with, an overnight stay in a prison would definitely be on the top of my list of places not to go. Why anyone would like to know how it feels to be in prison for a night is beyond me, but if you have the inkling you should visit Karosta Prison in Liepaja, Latvia. One place that I may like to visit (not sleep, just visit) would be the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Although I’ve seen the pictures, I still can’t imagine what it would be like to walk into a building completely sculpted out of ice (besides cold). Another cold destination that would be anything but romantic, but pretty amazing to see, would be Antarctica. Did you know that you can take a cruise to Antarctica? I certainly didn’t know this was possible. It probably isn’t a popular cruise considering how dangerous the waters are on the trip down and how dangerous the weather is once you reach your destination.

Other unusual vacation spots include a Hello Kitty theme park and swimming with the sharks. If you would like to check out the rest of the destinations from Bing Travel check out their article at .

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