Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blisters Are My Nemesis

For those lovely blogging buddies of mine who have been supporting me in my marathon training, I just wanted to give you a quick update.   My training is still on schedule and I am starting to feel more confident that I will actually be able to complete this thing.  My biggest hardship so far has been all the blisters that are so easily formed on my poor little feet. I have completely flat feet, not even a hint of arch.  Therefore, when I run, the arch in the shoe is constantly rubbing against the bottom of my foot.  Not a pleasant feeling, but one I'm learning to ignore.  My best time so far is 10 miles in 95 minutes.  Speedy Gonzales I am not, but I need to learn a good pace for me to run the entire 26.  I still have 4 and half month, so I think I will be ok. 


chinamommy said...

Oh that is AWESOME (NOT the blisters, the TRAINING!!!). I just started running again and geesh... everyone (but me) is training for 26! WOW! Hmmm, maybe next year?! Proud of YOU!!!

Kristen Andrews said...

blisters are the worse

Jasey said...

I have always wanted to run a marathon, you are my hero!