Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holiday Open House: Christmas Tree

I love the Holiday season.  I love it so much that each year it seems that we start getting into the festivities just a little bit earlier.  My girls in I love decorating, baking, and doing Holiday themed crafts.  The tradition in our house (and has been since I was little) is to decorate the tree after Thanksgiving dinner.  Now that our kids are a little bit older, we let them decorate it while we watch.  They have hanging up their favorite ornaments and then showing us how they found the perfect spot for it.  Of course, the top half of the tree is left a bit bare since my tallest is only 42 inches tall. Luckily I have a few fragile ornaments that I place up there, just out of their reach.

Christmas 2009

When do you decorate your tree?  Do you decorate your house too?  Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion!


Camila Sousa said...

Kelly, I think I read your mind or you read mine!! How funny :-)) I have just posted about our Christmas tree! Love the picture of the girls :-))

Chasity @ The Intertwined Life said...

Cuteness! I plan on dragging all of my stuff out of the attic this weekend!

Tiffany Kersey said...

I would have already had all my Christmas stuff out and the house decorated... however my husband says if it is out before Thanksgiving he is going to burn in! Ba Humm Bug ;)

Kel said...

Mine won't go up until Thanksgiving either. The picture of the girls is actually from last year. :) Although I love having them up as long as possible!

Bree said...

the more posts i read the more I want to get started earlier!!! thanksgiving weekend being the latest but hopefully most the weekend before...we'll see.
cute girls!