Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Open House: Gingerbread Houses

I love the Holiday season.  I love it so much that each year it seems that we start getting into the festivities just a little bit earlier.  My girls and I love decorating, baking, and doing Holiday themed crafts.  My girls look forward to decorating their gingerbread houses each year.  Their goal is not yet design, but who has the most icing and candy.   I must say that last year they had quite a lot of candy spread over their house and also around the front yard of their house.  Now I'm not sure if they'll be able to top last year's, but I can guarantee that they will try their best.

Last year when we visited Disney World we stayed at the Beach Club Villas and saw the most awesome gingerbread creation.   They created an entire carousel out of gingerbread and icing. They also created Snow White's Castle and Chip and Dale's Tree house out of gingerbread. Check it out below:

Amazing huh!?!

What type of gingerbread creations do you make?  Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion!


Angie said...

You should also mention to stash away some of those Halloween treats for gingerbread building! We do every year and make some really creative gingerbread houses!

Emmy Coffee said...

I'm your newest follower!

chinamommy said...

i bought a complete "kit" from Joann's last year- it wasn't anything spectacular, but the walls were already cut and baked so we just got right to the FUN part!!

Tiffany Kersey said...

Wow- We are going to Disney Land this year.. I hope they have something like that!