Friday, March 26, 2010

Open Discussion: Health Care

One question….What are your thoughts on the new Health Care Reform Bill??? Are you happy it passed? Worried about its effects? Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion!


Butterfly Flutter said...

No, I am not happy that it passed. It is going to bankrupt America. And what happen to what is good for the people is good for the government. Did you notice how many from the white house and government that are exempt from the bill?

Laura said...

Butterfly flutter. I definitely agree with you. From someone who gets her own insurance...I have worked hard to get where I am, and it upsets me to find out many things in the bill that I am completely opposed to.

I actually got into an argument with a guy who calls himself a democrat. I am neither a democrat or republican. I am far too conservative to associate myself with either of those parties.

I mentioned that I do not want to pay (with my hard earned money) for those who are illegally in this country and those who have put themselves in situations that are beyond my control. (Those who are cracked out).

He then proceeded to tell me because I am a Christian I was being cold-hearted, and then quoted Scripture. That really hurt me BECAUSE...people like that do not know what I do with my money. I will do what I want with it, and if that includes sending money to other countries to help children get an education or sending care packages to a sponsored child that is my business.

I DO NOT want this corrupt government, (they cannot get anything correct to begin with) to take my money and do whatever they want with it. I have know idea what they will do with it. I have more control in me to do good than this corrupt government thinks they could do.

My major point to everyone that I have spoken to is:
Because I am opposed to this blatant control of the American people, does not mean that I don't care about those who are less fortunate. Yes I have taken care of myself. Yes my husband and I are doing better than most, but we still struggle and we still find time to helps those who are much less fortunate.
I do not want to help those who do not care about anything other than their disgusting habits. I would rather give money to a shelter than a drugged person on the street.

I also have had experience with trying to bring family in LEGALLY so don't even get me started on ILLEGALS because you won't win. They do not deserve anything from us, and this corrupt government stills wants them to have it.

Total FAIL.

Krajcimama said...

I really wish that I understood the entire thing better. To be honest with you, I see good and bad in it. I think that is where they got most of their supporters...with the good.

I think it's great that the insurance companies can't deny you insurance if you have a pre-existing condition. I think it's awesome that I will be able to keep my children on my health insurance until they are 26.

It scares the crap out of me that they are going to mandate insurance and quite frankly I think that is unconstitutional and could cost those of us who do pay for our insurance a lot of money - is it more than paying for the uninsured that get treatment? I don't know enough to really make any strong points about it.

2busy said...

With mortgage bailouts, too, what will be the incentive to work? You Know?

Rebecca said...

oooh you are VERY brave to open this discussion.
I for one am peeved at the whole thing. It makes my hair curl in ways it aught not to. We have no public servants in congress - only self pleasing, well paid, out-of-touch, socialistic monsters. Ufta!! I'll leave it at that.
I'm not sure when the people voted for change that they wanted THIS kind of change. It's going to cost me more green stuff and I'm not very pleased about that. You can probably tell I'm a very passionate person. I'm very prayerful ESPECIALLY lately when it comes to our government.
What fun it was to express myself just now. Thanks fellow blogger friend '-)