Monday, March 8, 2010

Carbon Footprint

Are you conscious of your carbon footprint? A carbon footprint is measured by the amount of carbon dioxide that is placed into the atmosphere as a result of your daily life. Virtually everything we do results in some amount of carbon dioxide being released into the air. Even leaving appliances plugged in or flipping the light switch has an impact on your carbon footprint. There are numerous things that we can implement in our daily lives in order to reduce it. Switching to reusable canvas bags for grocery shopping is a simple and practical thing we can all do. Not only are you helping the Earth, but you also will have an easier time carrying your groceries. Recycling is another easy thing we can all do. Check with your local waste companies, they may even provide you with a free recycling bucket.

Being energy efficient is also very important in reducing your carbon footprint. One of the Earth biggest producers of carbon dioxide is coal burning power plants. These plants are responsible for creating the electricity that we use in our homes. By consuming more electricity, these plants are forced to burn more coal and release more carbon emissions. “On average, every American is responsible for about 22 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, according to statistics compiled by the United Nations. That is far above the world average of 6 tons per capita.” (Clayton Sandell). We could reduce this easily by during down our heaters a few degrees or remembering to always turn off lights. informs us if we were to move our heaters down two degrees in the winter we would save the atmosphere 2,000 pounds of carbon emissions. Again, we are helping the Earth, but ourselves at the same time. Think about how much money you could save by wearing warmer clothes around the house! Also according to,” if every household in America replaced just three bulbs with energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs, we would all save $60 a year and collectively keep a trillion pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere”. My family has replaced nearly all of our bulbs and I can confirm that we have saved tons of money on our electric bill. Not to mention, they last for 6-10 years so you won’t have to replace them as often.

If you would like to find other ways you can reduce your carbon footprint go to . They have great ideas. Although we may not be able to do everything on their lists, every little bit helps. Are you interested in finding out your own personal carbon footprint? Go to  and input your information to find out. I completed the questionnaire and my family of four produces approximately 58 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year compared to the average American household of four that produces 110 tons of emissions. Although this may seem like a good time to pat myself on the back, it is far from it. The average worldwide household of four only produces approximately 22 tons of carbon emissions. What does your family do to help reduce their carbon footprint?

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Rachel Cotterill said...

I agree we all have to do what little things we can... but the really big actions have to come from governments across the world, to make enough difference. It sometimes makes me feel a little bit helpless.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I totally agree with what Rachel said in the first comment; I often feel overwhelmed and helpless when it comes to growing green. How much am I really helping? Is it just a drop in the bucket?

We are trying to take small steps in our home; turn off the lights when we're not around, turn off the computer at night (that's a hard one, since our computer doesn't like to restart in the morning), and turn off the faucet when we're brushing our teeth. Thanks for the added info and links to more tips!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Christy said...

You make my day sunny so I gave you an award! Its here:

Kimberly said...

Hi Kel~thanks for stopping by my blog. Those sugar coated pecans sure look GOOD!!! Have a great day - I hope the sun is shining where you are!

Hattie said...

Great post! I try to teach my boys how we can reduce our carbon footprint. We do almost everything you've mentioned. I wish we could afford solar panels! I would love to have those!!!

Charity Adams said...

Great ideas on helping us all keep the planet a little healthier. Here are a few other tips we found that are helping us reduce our energy consumption as well.

Wash in cold water instead of hot. Use fluorescent bulbs instead of traditional they last 10 times longer and use 25% less energy.

Keep those tips coming and we can all live in a better world.

Amy said...

Thanks for teaching me something new. I hope you have a great week with your girls..