Saturday, May 1, 2010


Have you ever noticed the small promotional code box that pops up when you are checking out online? Have you ever wondered where people find these promotional codes to use? is a fast expanding website that provides such codes. With over 50,000 coupons and 15,000 stores available at a click of your mouse, there is sure to be a coupon that suits your needs. is easy to navigate and understand. Browse through their shops or simply type in the store you are looking for (i.e or just Walmart). When you find a code that fits your needs, simply copy and paste it when you are ready to check-out at the retailers’ online store.

Have you stumbled across a great promotional code that you would love to share? Why not get paid for it? Coupon Chief’s Pays-2-Share program allows its users to upload coupons/codes to its database. When other members use your code for their purchases, you earn 2% of their sales. uses PayPal, so earning money is easy and safe. If you don’t have PayPal, Coupon Chief will gladly send you a check in the mail. When you sign up for this program, you can track your coupons through your account and see how many people have used them.

Coupons-4-Causes: Where Saving is Giving!

Using can also help you give back to your favorite causes. With Coupons-4-Causes, Coupon Chief allows you to choose your favorite charity, church, or school to support. With every purchase you make using one of their coupon codes, Coupon Chief will donate 20% of your entire purchase to the cause of your choice.

I personally believe that Coupon Chief is a great resource to have. Anytime you are purchasing an item online, take a minute to swing over to to see if they have a coupon for you. A few minutes and a few extra clicks can save you a bundle on your purchase. While searching through the various stores, I noticed that many of the retailers have free shipping codes. Shipping prices often deter me from purchasing products online, so these types of deals would be perfect for me. One thing to be aware of when using, is that some of their codes don’t work. Coupons uploaded by users often didn’t have an expiration date. Therefore, it was hard to determine which were valid or not. Coupon Chief attempts to remedy the problem by asking users if the code worked or not. Although I’m not 100% sure, I believe if the code gets negative feedback, it will be removed from the database. So head on over to and start saving and giving back to the community!

Disclaimer: invited me to peruse their vast supply of coupons in May.  All opinions are my own. Although I was comensated with PayPal credit, I was under no obligation to review this website positively. 


Rachel Cotterill said...

There are a couple of sites like this in the UK - though I don't think any of them pay for contributions! But I've certainly had savings this way.

Cher said...

Sounds like a great site, can't believe I never heard of it! I love too that I can get paid for codes! Thanks!

Camila Sousa said...

Thank you so much for the tips and for sharing with us this wonderful site :-)) We will definitely keep this website in mind for our next purchase. Thanks again :-))

Gina F said...

I use coupons all the time. Thanks for sharing this great site. Well, I'm off to see what coupons they have for me so I can go shopping. Thanks! :)


Maryetta Atta said...

Thanks a lot for providing these coupon sites! Everybody can save money using these sites. I would like to suggest Kind Coupons. It is a similar site and donates half of its profits to charities.