Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tropical Tradtions Review

A few weeks back, the generous people from Tropical Traditions sent me a 32oz jar of Gold Label Standard Virgin Coconut Oil to review. I have never used coconut oil before so when it arrived and I looked in the jar, I thought there was something really wrong. Instead of a jar of oil, it looked like a jar of candle wax. Thankfully, after reading the label, I discovered that coconut oil will solidify under 76 degrees. To use it, all I needed to do was put the jar in a pan of warm water.

“Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is made from organic, fresh coconuts in rural areas of the Philippines. Only the highest quality organic coconuts are hand selected for use in our Gold Label brand, and the pure coconut water from inside the coconut is used to extract the coconut milk using traditional methods.” When you first open your jar of Virgin Coconut Oil, the aroma is mouthwatering. Thankfully, I didn’t eat! But Tropical Tradition has you covered. Their website is full of great recipes that you can use their oil with. You can even use the oil to grease your pans for baking. I’ve been doing that and it adds just a hint of coconut flavor that I love.

Tropical Traditions’ Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is full of healthy antioxidants. It is beneficial to your hair, skin, and your overral health. Besides the Virgin Coconut Oil, Tropical Traditions sells many other products including skin care, organic foods, household goods, and pet products. Check out their website here. It is full of information and recipes. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary jar of coconut oil in exchange for my honest review. I was under no obligation to write a review.  The opinions & thoughts expressed are my own. I received no other compensation for my review nor was I under any obligation to give a positive review

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Sarah said...

First off, thanks for following my blog!! This is a great review, coconut oil is great stuff!!! :)