Tuesday, October 12, 2010

101 Things About Me

My blogging friend Janae, from Pink Dandy Chatter, created a list a few weeks back that contained 101 things about her.  She challenged us to complete the same task.  You know I love a good challenge, so hear goes.

1 - I'm married to a hard working husband.
2 - I have two smart, beautiful daughters.
3 - I love to write (shocker).
4 - I love to read.
5 - I did gymnastics for about 20 years (until I got pregnant).
6 - I love playing the piano.
7 - I am a homebody at heart.  Although I love going out with my friends, I belong with my family.
8 - I am a Christian woman saved by the grace of God.
9 - I am a Disney Fanatic!  I will be going to Disney in November and my blog will be all about Disney!
10 - I've written a children's novel.
11 - Fall is my favorite season.
12 - I dream of living on the Beach one day.
13 - I was born in Hawaii and many of my family members still live there.
14 - My mother-in-law introduced me to my husband.
15 - I've been married for about 9 years.
16 - I have two brothers and one sister.
17 - My parents rock!!!!  They are the perfect example of love.
18 - I believe education is very important and think that the public school system could do better.
19 - I used to be a teacher in that same public school system.
20 - I love primetime TV!!!  I love...
21 - Chuck, NCIS, House, Grey's Anatomy, Psych, Eureka, Castle, and So You think You can Dance.
22 - I love going to the movies, but don't get out much because of the kids.
23 - I watch iCarly with my girls everyday (don't judge, it's funny:).  :)
24 - I am very competitive, but have toned it down (on the outside) for my daughter's sakes.
25 - I love video games that don't involve shooting people.
26 - I am not a fan of germs.
27 - I love to bake and
28 - I love to eat baked goods.
29 - I have a BA in English.
30 - I would be happy if I never had to play Polly pockets again!
31 - I do not like to drive to unknown places alone.
32 - I know sign language.
33 - I speak a little German since
34 - I lived in Germany for 4 years and took many years of it in school.
35 - I hate that movies always throw in nudity.  What's the point?
36 - I love Karen Kingsbury!  I definitely recommend her books.
37 - Jodi Piccoult on the other hand...makes my stomach hurt.  Heart wrenching novels.
38 - I wish they would pass a no cell phone in the car law in VA.
39 - Caffeine makes my heart hurt.
40 - I am training for a marathon...I need much positive energy thrown my way.
41 - I am in major pain from said training.  OUCH!
42 - I love my house and friends, but I want to move closer to my hubby's work.
43 - I think writing a list this long is really hard (is that cheating?).
44 - I have a black thumb.  Nothing I've ever planted has survived.
45 - I am allergic to perfume and flower smells.
46 - I am addicted to lip balm (Pink Dandy sells some good ones).
47 - I love to laugh, but who doesn't.
48 - I love the Olive Garden, but my husband hate it.
49 - I am not a big fan of pig products (except pepperoni).
50 - Purple is my favorite color.
51 - I love the Twilight series.
52 - Jane Austen never gets old.
53 - Dishes are my least favorite chore.
54 - Bathing my children is my least favorite mommy job.
55 - I miss sleep.
56 - I've never had a beer.
57 - I've never smoked.
58 - I've never done drugs.
59 - This year I have fallen in love with the Key Lime Pie Martini and the Appletini.  YUM!
60 - I can still play the recorder that we got in elementary school (talent, I know!)
61 - I colored my hair for the first time this year, and did not like it.
62 - I think manners and etiquette should be required classes in school.
63 - I love country music.
64 - I have awesome friends!  I know they will always be there for me!
65 - I have played over 50 games of UNO this week.  (not by choice, but out of love) :)
66 - I believe that Skype is a wonderful invention!
67 - I do not like camping, but my hubby loves it.
68 - I do love hiking though.
69 - I love taking my kids to museums and watching them soak up the knowledge with amazement.
70 - LOVE roller coasters!!!
71 - I have been to over 7 different countries.
72 - I have lived in about 13 different houses.
73 - My six year old has lived in 4 different homes already.
74 - Can you tell that I come from a military family??
75 - My Great-Grandfather, both Grandfathers, Dad, Uncle, Father-in-law,and husband have all served (or serving).
76 - I am a mother to two puzzle masters,
77 - and I-Spy masters. :)
78 - I believe in giving back to the community.
79 - I love lists!!!
80 - I love food, but it is my enemy.
81 - Large groups of people intimidate me.
82 - I never have a bag of chips in my home unless we are having a party.
83 - ...the above is only true because I could eat a whole bag in one sitting.
84 - I miss my hubby!
85 - I actually get along with my in-laws.  In fact, I don't know anyone who doesn't.
86 - I do not like school buses.
87 - I cannot sing on key.
88 - My bedside table has my Bible, iPod dock, laptop, and lip balm.
89 - I like my shower to scald me.
90 - I love planning my friends' Disney Vacation.
91 - I wish I could eat peanut butter and jelly on Sara Lee Soft and Smooth bread every day.
92 - I could live off hugs from my girls.
93 - I love watching them dance too (although they have no rhythm).
94 - I love trivia games.
95 - I love card games.
96 - I get car sick.
97 - My mom is the best cook I know.
98 - I am 5 feet tall.
99 - It is my dream to get a book publish.
100 - I hate feet.
101 - I love blogging and all my new Blogging friends! :)

I did it!!! Who knows if anyone actually will get through the list, but I did it anyway.  Now it's my turn to challenge you.  Share who you are with us!  Good Luck!


chinamommy said...

I did it (i read all 101!)! you are 1/4" taller than me-haha! i wish you would plan MY disney vaca (going dec 28), WHY OH WHY does ANYONE ever LEAVE Hawaii??? OH, how I LOVE Hawaii and would be willing to live in a mini van with no wheels down on the beach!!! :)

Chris Sakai said...

Man I'm tired. Although I can think of 101 other awesome things to say about you! Have a great day sis. Love you, Chris

Kerri said...

This is great! What a fun way to get to know you better. So many of yours could be my own! Love that.
I shall begin work on mine...how long did it take you?

Kel said...

Kerri - I worked on it off and on in my spare minutes throughout the day.

Chris - Sorry to ramble on you. ;) Love you too!

Chinamommy - Bring on the Disney questions!!! I can help you with anything you need.

Elisabeth LaMouria said...

Great list - it's fun to read about other blogger's lives that you usually wouldn't see or hear about. My favorite number are 1, 52, 61, 63, 11, 88, 92, 40, 35, 30 (mine would be super hero figures), 21 (House!), and 23...hahahah - my boys watch that and a few other some-what girlie kid shows. :-)

Robin said...

I made it through your list. I did a list a while back. I can't remember how many things it had. I think was 50 and that was HARD. So Kudos to you. I can tell from your list that you spend a lot of QUALITY TIME with your kids. That is super awesome.

Annie said...

Hi Kel,
You've lived in 15 houses and your girls have great dance rhythem.
I love you!

Kel said...

Thanks Mom! I must have missed a few in HI and CO. Love you!

Heather said...

What a great list! Very fun to read--and you and your family sound so fun:)

blueviolet said...

I just hate germs too, really, really hate them!

I'm so jealous about your Disney trip!!!!

I could eat an entire bag of fritos if given the chance.

I ADORE the Olive Garden!

Your photos of you are the best!

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

wow, good job! I get car sick too. You are 2" shorter than me (wow, we are shorties) ha! I also get intimidated by large groups of people (which is why I stay home during the shopping rush after Thanksgiving). Well, I could go on about what we have in common...except for drinking beer =) haha.
Loved it!