Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Today we are heading to EPCOT.  Technically, we will be visiting EPCOT everyday, but this is our full day at the park.  Although many families with small children steer away from EPCOT, we love it.  Last year (and this year), we stayed at the Beach Club Resort in order to be a short walk away from EPCOT.  But I will talk more about that in a different post.   EPCOT is one of Disney's most fascinating parks.  Its main focus is on cultural and technological innovation.  EPCOT covers over 300 acres, twice the size of the Magic Kingdom, and it split into two separate areas, Future World and The World Showcase.

Future World is definitely my kids favorite part of EPCOT.  They enjoy visiting the Nemo and Friends ride the most.  Not only do they enjoy riding in a shell while exploring Nemo's world, but they love that after the ride they can visit the aquarium, play at the shark playground, and watch Turtle Talk with Crush.  If you've seen Finding Nemo, then you know that Crush is the "totally awesome" sea turtle that helps Nemo's dad find his way through the EAC.  Turtle Talk with Crush is an interactive show where the animated Crush actually talks to the kids in the audience and answered their questions.  It is very entertaining for kids and adults alike. 

Future World has some faster pace rides for those a little older.  Mission Space is my husband's favorite.  This ride simulates a space flight to Mars.  I honestly have not been brave enough to try this one, but they do have a milder version that you can try.  My favorite ride in Future World has to be Soarin'.   Soarin', located in The Land Pavilion, is a "multi-sensory attraction ... that simulates a peaceful hang-gliding flight over the Golden State of California".  With a huge IMAX theater in front of you, you really feel like you are flying .   While you are in Future World, make sure to stop by Test Track.  My 6-year old is convinced that it is the greatest "big kid" ride.  Future World is also the home of the famous EPCOT "ball", Spaceship Earth.  If you haven't been to EPCOT within the last year, you will be surprised at the changes made in Spaceship Earth.  As always, added interaction makes a slow ride more fun.  The real fun, however, starts when you exit your ride.  There a many hands-on activities that are fun and challenging for all.  And don't forget to meet Mickey and the gang at the Character Spot  and to visit Innoventions, both located in Future World.

Visiting The World Showcase is like taking a mini trip around the world.  There are 11 different countries represented in The World Showcase:  Mexico, China, Norway, Germany, Morocco, Japan, Italy, France, England, Canada, and the United States.  There is also a small African Outpost that offers authentic African refreshments and souvenirs.  There is no way that I could even begin to explain the wonder that is The World Showcase, but each country is fabulous.  They are run by people from the actual countries that they represent and they serve food and drink that are authentic to that country.  Many of the countries provide live music and entertainment.  There are little shops to browse, rides to explore, and fantastic shows to watch.  There is so much to do and experience at The World Showcase.  If you are actually planning a trip and would like to know more, I'd be more than happy to chat.  Just shoot me an email!

Have you been to EPCOT?  What it your favorite  part?  What things could you do without?  Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion!


Jocelyn said...

We were just there a few weeks ago and it was fun....definitely loved the test track. And my kids got a kick out of the interactive them on the future earth ride:-)

Marsha said...

We love Epcot too. Our favorite place in the World Showcase is Norway. The Akershus Banquet Hall is such a great place to eat with lots of interaction with princesses. We participated in a Kim Possible Mission and had a blast doing that! It was really educational for the kids. Oh, I want to go back now!