Thursday, March 3, 2011

Daddy Don't Go!

The hardest part about being a SAHM is watching your children break down when Daddy leaves.  My husband always works unusually long hours, but my girls know that they will at least be tucked into bed by Daddy.  Yesterday, however, my hubby found out he was going to be away for awhile on a business trip.  Last night the girls were upset and couldn't understand, but this morning nothing I said or did was of any help.  The tears flowed and flowed.  "Why Mommy!  Why can't he come home and kiss us?"   (insert heart breaking)  Under normal circumstance, this would be hard but doable.  It would only a few days and then things will be back to normal.  Unfortunately, I recently found out he will be leaving in a few months for a much longer period of time.  If the girls are having such a hard time dealing with a few days without Daddy, how are they going to handle 3-4 months without Daddy?  I guess only time will tell, but in the meantime, I need you wonderful mothers out there to start sending me activity ideas!   I need to keep these girls as busy as possible.


Kerri said...

How sad. I'm sorry there are so many tears in their hearts right now. What a hard thing for little ones to understand but I'm sure it's terribly hard on you as well.
I'm sure you'll find your grove and get into a routine and hopefully hubby will be home before you know it!
Can you redecorate their bedrooms or something while he's gone letting them choose new paint colors and scheme? Maybe that's more then you were thinking as far as activities go...;o)

Deb said...

Bless their little hearts...but also yours, too!! So hard on Mommy!! I'll share a little funny with you. Our baby GRAND-son is 3..when he got up this morning he started crying. He told his Momma that he didn't want her...and he didn't want his Daddy...he wanted Nannie!!! My head hasn't gone down yet!!! ;-) Will keep you in my thoughts and say a prayer for you!

YUMMommy said...'s really sweet that they miss him so much. I would suggest checking with your local library to see if they do storytimes. Most do and it usually includes a story reading and craft. If the weather is nice a trip to playgroup or nature walk at the park will sure to keep them busy and tucker them out.

Anonymous said...

That's heartbreaking! Being a Mom is def. not easy.

Fortunately for me (and the kids) my husband gets to come home every night...big kudos to you for being such a strong mom and holding down dads spot while he's away!

Stuff could always be worse said...

This is such a sad time, it will pass too fast! Mine eventually wanted Dad to go :) when teens...