Thursday, March 24, 2011

To Decorate or To Masquerade...

For centuries, Venetian Masks have been a popular tradition in Venice, Italy.  Although the beautifully designed masks were originally created to hide one's face during the Carnevale Celebration, they are now also sold as beautiful decoration pieces.
As a child, I spent four years living in Europe.  We traveled through many countries and collected many decorative souvenirs.  On one of of our many trips, my parents bought me a set of three Venetian Masks to decorate my room.  They weren't like the Commedia Masks that you would expect to see on stage of a Shakespeare play, but rather soft delicate porcelain masks with intricate designs.  Although, I don't still have them in my bedroom, they are happily adding a little style and flare to our upstairs bathroom.
Today these beautiful pieces of art are great collector pieces.  Whether you are heading for a masquerade ball or just want to spruce up your decor, 1001 Venetian has what you are looking for.  They personally select each and every one of their masks from Master Artisans and never sell imitations.   If you are looking for a great selection and great prices, look no further.  Visit 1001 Venetian today.
Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  I was compensated to write it.

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blueviolet said...

It would be really fun to go to a masquerade ball!!!! That's a bucket list kind of thing!