Monday, April 4, 2011

To Crutch or Not To Crutch....That is the Question

Can I just start off by saying, I HATE CRUTCHES!     

**Breathe In** 

**Breathe Out**

Okay.  I'm better.  Sorry for that.   I've had quite a dilemma for the past week.  My torn meniscus in my left knee is screaming at me to stop walking.  It wants me to either sit down or use the dreadful crutches.  However, my pinched nerves in my right arm are screaming at me as well.  The difference is they are telling me to put the stupid things down.   What's a girl to do????    My arm can't support my weight on the crutches and my leg can't support my weight standing without them.  

My Saving Grace......

My AWESOME parents.   With my poor hubby MIA last week, I was near the point of panic.  But without asking my AWESOME parents swooped in to help me out with the kids and the house.  This was no little favor for them.  They don't exactly live up the street.  But without evening thinking about it, they packed up their car, left enough food and water for the cat to last a few days, and drove to my rescue.  Did I mention they were AWESOME?!?  My mom even did all my grocery shopping!  So although my body is miserable, my heart is happy.   How could it not be, with such AWESOME parents who love me so much!


Manic Mum said...

what doting parents!! we upped and left and moved to france, so have 4 kids and NO family nearby,...which occasionally, serves it purpose!!!

see you soon, tamsyn x (

blueviolet said...

Give your parents an extra hug from me for helping you!

I'm so sorry!

Brittney said...

My parents live nearby and and I don't know what I would do with out them! Just this last Friday I woke up sick and my husband had already been sick all week, so I called my mom and she took the kids to her house and kept them all day!!! My parents also watch our kids once a week when my husband and I go to a small group and are available whenever we need them :)

melandria said...

ooh i hate it too. Following you here. Hope you can visit my site:


Pink Dandy Chatter said...

Awww...poor girl! Thank goodness for parents! You're lucky that they could be there to help out so much. I hope you get better soon =)