Friday, October 14, 2011

Lite Sprites Review

My girls are at the stage in their life where the idea of magic is....well, Magical.  They love fairies, witches, and wizards.  And they can usually be seen playing a game that involves unsharpened pencils magic wands.  When they received their Prisma Lite Sprite from WowWee, they were beyond thrilled.  The package came with not only a cute Sprite, but also a magic wand!
The Lite Wand has many functions, but their favorite use for it is color collecting.  The wand already has 10 colors stored up to begin with, but the girls can collect up to 50 colors at a time.  They love searching the house for new colors to "magically" collect with the wand and then transferring the colors to their Lite Sprite.  You can place your Lite Wand on the Flower Card provided or you can simply place it on any flat object in the house to collect it's color.  The wand also has several games for them to play.  One of them is color collecting, but they have to find a specific color to match the one shown.  They love running around with their Sprite and Wand trying to beat the clock. 

The Wand also has several spells that you can use on the Sprite and fellow sprites that you may collect, which by the way, the girls have already added to their Christmas wish list.  Read a little from the website to get a better understanding of the whole Lite Sprite world:
Lite Sprites use color and light to express their moods and feelings. Each Sprite has her own personality and domain in the natural world. The Sprite Sisterhood includes: Prisma, Astra, Meadow and Brooke. Bleak, the naughty Sprite, rejects color and uses her powers to eliminate or disrupt color in Lite-Topia. Visit to explore the world of Lite-Topia!

Visit their website to see all the Lite Sprite, Playsets, and Lite Pet Sets. You can also join them on Facebook to keep up with their newest toys and shows.  And seeing as how they were named a  2011 Winner from the Toy Insider as a Most Wanted toy, I'd better get to Target or Wal-mart to grab some for Christmas early.

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