Monday, October 3, 2011

New Veggie Tales Review

I was introduced to Veggie Tales about nine years ago when my niece was born.  Even as an adult I was hooked on the fun, yet meaningful, stories presented by Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato.  When my children were born, I was introduced to more silliness of the Veggie Tale family, including their favorite Junior the Asparagus.  If your children have yet to meet this fun loving family, they have definitely been missing out.  Every Veggie Tale show, movie, or song teaches a valuable life lesson in a fun, unique way that children can understand. 

Big Idea, Inc. has just released all new Veggie Tale DVD's called, Larry Learns to Listen and Bob Lends a Helping Hand.  Both DVD's were an instant hit with my children and my nieces and nephews.  Just like previous Veggie Tale show, the silliness and singing keep children laughing while they are learning valuable lessons.

In Larry Learns to Listen, Larry finally receives the special video game he has been waiting for.  He is so excited that he forgets to read the directions.  His friends try to intervene and remind him how important the directions are, but he doesn't stop to listen.  When his game breaks down on him, Larry learns how important it is to stop and listen.  Along with our families and friends, God helps us through everyday situation, but if we don't stop long enough to listen, we may miss the help being given.

In Bob Lends a Helping Hand, children can learn along with Bob and Larry how even the smallest person can help someone out.  Their friend Joe's mom breaks her toe and has trouble with the chores.  Bob helps Larry and Joe understand that helping by helping around the house they can be superheros to Joe's mom. 

Buy your own copies of your favorite Veggie Tale DVD's today.  And Follow Veggie Tales on Facebook to keep up with all the silliness and upcoming DVD's and Promotions.

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