Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dining With Royalty

So many of us have dreamed of dining with Her Royal Highness, Cinderella, but were hesitant because of the price of the meal.  I mean, who would ever dream of paying $45 for breakfast?!?  However, after breaking down and using a few Dining Credits on it, I now know that you are paying for the experience, not the food.  And I must say...It is one very Magical experience. 

Cinderella's Royal Table, despite the menu price, is one Disney World's most popular character meals.  It is one of those meals that need to be booked months in advance.  From trying to book a reservation in the past, I have the feeling that most people are interested in dinner dining, but our family chose breakfast.  Our Magical day began by being allowed to enter the Magic Kingdom before it had even opened.  I can't even tell you how breathtaking the park is without all the extra people there.  We were able to take amazing pictures and we were even able to watch Cinderella arrive in her carriage!

The Magic continued as we entered the Castle!!! When I was little, I always dreamed of seeing the inside of the Castle and it didn't disappoint.  As with everything Disney, the details were extraordinary.  It was hard to take in the beauty of the tapestries, stained glass windows, and various other artwork.  Then when we turned the corner and saw Cinderella herself, waiting to greet us, my girls just shrieked in delight.  She was very personable and spent a lot of time talking to the girls, taking a few pictures, and giving them a quick twirl.   

After leaving Cinderella to greet her other guests, we walked up the Royal staircase to the dining room, where we were seated.  The girls were each given a magical wand and a wishing star, while we were given a menu full of tasty breakfast foods. The French Toast was my absolute favorite. After placing our order, the other princesses were introduced and began mingling with the guests.  We were able to meet Aurora, Snow White, Ariel, and Jasmine.  The girls were in absolute heaven.  Each princess talked to them individually and asked them questions about themselves.  Aurora even complimented my oldest on her fingernail polish.

Towards the end of the meal, the lights began to twinkle and flicker and the guests were ask to make a wish on their wishing star.  The girls absolutely loved it and still play with their stars at home.  I loved that they had a great time and we left the castle with full bellies, great "complimentary" photographs, and priceless memories.  


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