Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Craft for Kids

Happy Valentines Day!  Are you searching for a cute little activity to do with your kiddos today?  My girls and I made some pretty Valentine wreaths that were simple and fun to make.  

Start With:
  • Red and pink construction paper
  • A paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • glitter or glitter glue
To begin, Cut a large hole in the paper plate.  This was hard for the girls to do, so I helped with this part.  Next, Cut out a lot of hearts from red and pink paper.  I showed my kids the trick to cutting out the hearts and they were able to do it for the most part.  We all pitched in.  If your child is younger, pre-cut the hearts before starting the activity.  After your hearts are cut, glue the hearts to the paper plate, overlapping a bit.  Next comes my girls' favorite part.  Decorating!  We used glitter glue, markers, and stamps.  I think in their mind, the more glitter the better.  That is why I chose the glitter.  It helps contain the mess a bit.  If you  can't glitter glue, you can use a glue stick and a glitter shaker.  It may be a bit messier, but the kids will have a blast.  Now their wreaths were by no means perfect, but they made it with love, so I wouldn't change a thing.

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