Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chris Brogan Challenge : What I Spend Money On

As I was sitting in a lonely hotel room, waiting for my husband to get out of work, I was searching the web for new ideas for my blog. During my search, I came across a guy named Chris Brogan, author of Social Media 101 and coauthor of Trust Agents. Mr. Brogan had made a list of 100 blog topics that he hoped “I” would write about. Many of his ideas fit me perfectly, while others I’m not really sure what they are. In all my boredom, I decided to challenge myself to write about all 100 of his topics. This won’t be easy, since some of the topics are a big question mark to me, but a little research never hurt anyone. Figuring in the fact that I don’t write real posts on the weekend, this challenge will be 100% successful if I complete it in 20 weeks. So let’s begin…Day Fourteen – Topic Fourteen(still here)!

Everyone has their own weakness when it comes to spending money. Whether you spend it on shoes, purses, or going out to eat, it is something that makes you happy and you don’t mind spending the extra money. Unlike many women my age, I’m not really into shopping. When I do go shopping, it is usually for groceries or for my kids. You would think that with my lack of expenses, we would be able to save bundles of dough. However, my weakness is much more expensive than a new pair of shoes. I love family vacations! Family vacations are not only fun, but they are a necessity in my house. My wonderful husband works very hard and rarely takes a day off (including weekends). Family vacations are needed in order to force him to relax and have some fun. Every year, we travel to Disney World for one week and it is the best week of the year. It is a week where we get Daddy’s full attention and don’t have to worry about work calling to distract him from the family fun. Disney World isn’t cheap, but it is worth it for all the great memories and fun times! How do you spend your extra money? Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion!


Sherry said...

Hmmm, probably on chocolate! LOL! I'm a huge chocoholic! Although it depends on how much money we are talking. I'd probably save it for retirement?

Rachel Cotterill said...

I spend most of my money on travel. But if you can afford it, why not? Any physical thing is transient, but your memories will last your lifetime.

Kel said...

I agree Rachel. I love going to new places or just vacationing in the places we all know we love! One day I hope to travel as much as you! :)