Friday, February 12, 2010

Vacation Memories: Part Three

As we grow older, our memories inevitably begin to fade. But despite our fading memories, there are always a handful of precious ones that stick with us. My brothers, sister, and I were very lucky to have spent some of our childhood in Europe. Living in Germany allowed our family many opportunities to have extraordinary vacations (and even more mini day trips). Although I cannot recall all the details of these vacations, the memories I do have are worth treasuring.

I unfortunately don’t have many memories of Holland. I remember the flowers, the windmills, and doing gymnastics on the beach. But the memory that stands out the most in my mind is our trip to Madurodam (located in Scheveningen, Holland). Madurodam is the smallest town in Holland, literally. Everything in Madurodam has been shrunk to 1/25 its actual size. Visitors get to see Holland “in a nutshell”. My family had a great time wandering around the miniature city looking for all the moving pieces. Besides the intricate landscapes and detailed architecture, Madurodam had moving cars, trains, planes, windmills, and boats. I remember how excited we all were when we discovered something new in the city. If you would like to see some more of Madurodam, check out this YouTube link.  

Holland is a beautiful country. If you ever make it out to the Netherlands, you should definitely check out the tiny town of Madurodam. It is an incredible work of art. Please feel free to share any great memories of your childhood vacations. I would love to hear them all. I will continue later this month with my favorite memories of Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Florida.

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Papa said...

Do you remember after we left the beach we drove through a housing area (because I was curious what the houses in Holland looked like) and found a really nice area to stretch our legs and play at. It was a huge field filled with big grassy rolling hills - may have been grassy sand dunes since we were close to the beach. Anyway, you guys kept running farther and farther trying to lose me and Mom. As soon as you climbed over one hill (or dune), you guys were out of sight, and I can still remember all of you laughing - you were so funny back then. :-) We saw a lot of great sites in Holland, but again, we seemed to have the most fun together doing simple things - playing hide and seek in a hilly grassy field.

Kel said...

I remember the running around, but not that we were trying yo lose you. Sounds like us though! :)