Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School!

We all made it through the first day of school yesterday!  Yeah us!  It was an on the go type day.  My oldest was up and dressed for the bus at 6 am.  Unfortunately, the bus doesn't come to 8:30am, so she had a long time to wait.  When the bus finally arrived, I was expecting some sort of hesitation on her part.  I mean, this was her first time getting on a bus and driving away from me.  But no.  She saw the bus pull up and didn't even glance backwards in my direction.  She just walk right in and took a seat with her friends.  This completely devastated her sister, who began crying.  I was proud that my older daughter was so ready for school, but so sad for my younger one who had to watch her best friend drive away.  We did manage to get a little wave from the window.  So that was something. 

My youngest and I kept busy all day by going to the gym, playing games, reading books, and playing Webkinz Jr.  I think with all the Mommy one-on-one time, she is going to get over missing her sister real soon.  This also gives me about two weeks to help prepare her for preschool.  She is so excited about school, but she has never been anywhere without her older sister so it will be a little different. 

At 4 pm, we went back to the bus stop to pick up our very proud little first-grader.  She was so excited to be home, but so excited about school too.  She had so much to tell me, but kept forgetting what she was saying because she was so tired.  So we had a snack, and took a short rest while we watched a cartoon.  After the show, we were off to gymnastics.  She had just been moved up to the advance class, so she didn't want to miss it even though she was wiped out.  All in all, it was a good day.  I hope she comes home today just as excited. 


Annie said...

I'm glad she had such a good day!

family of 4 on the move! said...

Glad she had a great first day! I had no issue with my first child going off to school but my youngest well...ok I cried and all the moms at the bus stop comforted me! Pitiful I know!

blueviolet said...

I suspect she'll grow to really love the extra attention she gets while big sis is gone. I'm glad day one went well for your oldest!

IASoupMama said...

Sounds like a great first day, yay!

My daughter was very sad as we labeled all of my son's school supplied, she kept saying, "I want to go to 'chool, too!"

Lanita said...

My youngest started kindergarten last week. She was nervous to ride the bus until we found out she would ride the same buss as her 6th grade sister. The 6th grader wasn't too thrilled, but the kindergartener walked on the bus without a moments hesitation.