Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We Have 7 winners!

Our first winner is fdigsby!  She is the winner of the awesome Neostrata giveaway.  She won with comment #28, "entered sunglass warehouse".  Congrats!!

Our second winner is Frugal Vicki!  She is the lucky winner of a complete blog makeover, courtesy of Wacky Jacqui's Designs.  Frugal Vicki won with comment #118, "email subscriber 5".  I can't wait to see what Jacqui creates for you!

Our next 5 winners are ksmom3, Liz, Erin S., Cheryl W, and mimilovesall8!  They have all won their children a free month of the upgraded version of The Travel of Wiglington and Wenks.  Ladies, make sure to create a free account for your children.  Otherwise they can't upgrade it.

I will be emailing all our winners shortly.  They have 48 hours to claim their prize or I will randomly select a new winner.  Thanks to all that entered and thanks for reading Between the Lines!


Nickie said...

I have enjoyed my visit on your blog!!! I've followed you on Twitter and GFC and will definitely be back! (Found you from FMBT!!!)

Marice said...

congrats to the winners :)

Miranda Ward said...

Congrats Winner
Hi im from FMBT
Please follow me back if you havn't already.

Miranda http://mommaissweeping.blogspot.com