Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DuWop Cosmetics

Heading out after a long day at the office?  Are you wearing your signature tired eyes and faded lips?  Before you head out, head over to DuWop Cosmetics where they offer innovative and fun makeup perfect for you!  DuWop Cosmetics, founded by makeup artist Cristina Bartolucci, prides itself in discovery what is missing from your makeup bag.  "Full-figured lips, flawless skin, and wide-awake eyes are just a few of the fringe benefits brought to you by DuWop".  

Are you looking to gain that sexy pouty look?  Try DuWop's Lip Venom!  This product, loved by the stars, "uses a blend of naturally plumping essential oils combined with glossing and nourishing oils for the ultimate glamorous look." 

Trying to get rid of those puffy dark eyes?  DuWop's igels are screaming your name!  Each pack of igels contains three gelatin based eye covers that store in the refrigerator and go over your eyes for about 10 minutes. Each gel packs is infused with essential oils and they conform to the shape of your eye to reduce puffiness.  And if care for properly, each pack can be reused up to four times.

DuWop doesn't stop there.  Visit Apothica.com to see their great selections for the lips, cheeks, eyes, and  face. 

Disclosure:  This post was written as part of the February’s Fringe Network Giveaway. 


blueviolet said...

I bet those igels feel fantastic!

Jacqueline said...

They have this great eye shadow specifically for each different eye color that are sheer MAGIC! Very good line of products. Thanks for posting.