Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Educational Toys Planet Review

Since my children were born, their curiosity and thirst for knowledge was apparent.  The two of them have been soaking up knowledge around them since day one and never get tired of asking questions and discovery the exciting answers.  So it is no surprise that they were very excited to receive My First Penguin Kit from Education Toys Planet.

The My First Penguin Kit introduced my girls to life of a penguin.  They learned about the wide variety of species, they watched their own baby hatch and grow, they discovered the importance of feathers, and even shared the penguins Fish Pops!
My girls, like most children, believed that all penguins looked the same and were the same size.  They were excited to discover the differences in the penguins and especially excited to discover how tall an Emperor Penguin is.

Their favorite part of this Science Kit, was taking care of their baby penguin. Their baby started as an egg and they practiced trying to keep it warm with their feet. Next, we stuck in a bowl of water and waited for it to hatch.  Of course, my youngest didn't want the baby to be all alone, so she stuck some sea creature friends in the bowl too. Once the egg hatched, we had a tiny baby penguin.  But the fun didn't stop there.  We left the penguin the water for a few days and he grew so big that he couldn't fit in our bowl any longer.  So the girls took him out and played with him until he shrank again.  Then they stuck him in water again and her grew back!

You should head over to Educational Toys Planet and check out all of their great toys for kids of all ages.  From science kits to activity tables, you will find the perfect gift idea for the little loves in your life. 

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