Thursday, March 10, 2011

Veggie Tales: Twas the Night Before Easter Review

I was introduced to Veggie Tales about nine years ago when my niece was born.  Even as an adult I was hooked on the fun, yet meaningful, stories presented by Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato.  When my children were born, I was introduced to more silliness of the Veggie Tale family, including their favorite Junior the Asparagus.  If your children have yet to meet this fun loving family, they have definitely been missing out.  Every Veggie Tale show, movie, or song teaches a valuable life lesson in a fun, unique way that children can understand. 

Big Idea, Inc. has just released all new Veggie Tale movie called, Twas the Night Before Easter.  Although, we may often get caught up in the commercial aspects of the Holidays, it is important to remind our kids the real meaning behind them. Twas the Night Before Easter was the perfect, fun way of doing this.  My girls love the silliness and the music that comes along with the Veggie Tales and I love that they come away from the movie asking important questions.

DVD Synopsis
It’s Easter time in Crisper County and cable news reporter Marlee Meade is hunting for a way to help others. She cooks up a plan to save the old theater with a cast of costume-clad townies, massive props and a 20-foot robot rabbit to perform “Up With Bunnies.” Now there’s only one thing missing – the star of the show! When word spreads that singing sensation Cassie Cassava (Melinda Doolittle) is arriving to perform in her hometown church’s Easter service, Marlee schemes to steal the starlet for her own pageant! But when things go haywire, will it be curtains for Marlee’s dreams – or will she discover the true meaning of Easter and what helping others is really all about?

I definitely recommend sharing this wonderful DVD with the little ones in your life.  And if stick around and watch it with them, you are sure to enjoy it too!  Happy Spring!!!

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Disclosure:  I received a free DVD in exchange for my honest review.  I was under no obligation to give a positive review,

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