Thursday, September 29, 2011

For the Love of Monkey Bars

Like every child, recess was my favorite subject in elementary school.  What's not to love?  You get to socialize, play, and actually move around.  You could usually find me on the Monkey bars or the horizontal bar doing gymnastic moves.  As a kids, I was always flipping on twirling somewhere, and during recess, the bars were the place to be.  What was your favorite thing to do during recess?  

Now as a teacher and mom, I know that recess is not just all fun and games.  It is an important part of the day where our kids get to learn to socialize with their peers, get much needed exercise, and grab some much needed fresh air.   I am very thankful that at our school they have kept daily recess as well as offering PE twice a week instead of one.  Have you all heard about Rally For Recess?  Danimals is working hard to get our children active and healthy. I was so shocked that to hear that so many schools were eliminating recess time..  And you could help your school win a Brand New $20,000 Playground!

How can you help your school win?   From now through February 8, 2012 whenever you purchase Danimal’s products, you will be able to find codes on the packaging. Collect the codes from the packaging and then sign up online and enter in all of your codes. You can also send your codes in by mail if it is easier for you or your school. Throughout the contest you can visit to check out the Leader boards and play fun games.  Is your school winning? 

Disclosure:  I received no compensation for this post, just helping to spread the word. 

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