Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dangerous Teenage Fads

Teenagers are not known for making smart choices. They hang out with the wrong crowd, skip a few classes, and maybe even have a few drinks. But did you know these may be the safest bad choices they make? ChatRoulette.com has become very popular amongst the tween and teen crowd. This website randomly selects a person for your child to have a video chat with. What is shown and talked about on this website is not monitored and cannot be filtered. As a result, your child is vulnerable to adult content and sexual predators. Sexting is another act that opens the door to predators. Teens believe that sending explicit or pornographic images will be kept private, but this is not always the case. What happens when the person on the receiving in decides to be vindictive and spread it around? Not only can it land up in the wrong hands, it can lead to permanent emotional damage.

Smoking and inhaling Smarties is another new fad amongst the tweens and teens. After crushing up the candy, they roll it up in paper to smoke or just inhale it as if they were using drugs. Unless the candy clogs the nasal passage, this new fad is physically harmless. But the act itself should make parents aware of their child’s interest in drug use. Our children can actually learn how to do this on YouTube.

The Choking Game has been around for years, but is still popular with the young crowd. Teens enjoy being choked or choking themselves to achieve a momentary high. This game can lead to black outs, brain damage, or even death. Another frightening game that has been around for many years is car surfing. Just like it sounds, kids pretend they are surfing on the top of a moving vehicle. This game has led to many injuries and deaths over the years. And if that wasn’t enough, kids have now progressed to train surfing.


Kat @ www.TodaysCliche.com said...

OH MY GOSH! I'm so nervous for one -- or all 4! -- of my kids to turn teenager. I can't stop praying for them... and doing the best I can to raise them. This is gonna be hard! Thanks for the inside scoop!

Natalie and Todd said...

Very scary!! Seems like as the years go by the trends only get worse :(

Maria said...

This is shocking. I have 4 kids too, 2 teens and 2 under 10. I've never had any trouble with them at all and I thank my lucky stars every day. Why do they feel the need to do such horrible things?

Kel said...

It makes you want to shelter your kids even more. I know they can't grow up in a bubble, but a mommy can wish! :)