Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is 3-D Really Necessary?

3-D movies have come a long way since we were kids. But is it really necessary for them to take over our movie theaters? With Avatar smashing the box office records, many studios have decided to take their originally planned 2-D movies and transform them into 3-D films. Movies like Clash of the Titans and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows were initially shot with 2-D cameras and technology. I can’t imagine that the quality of these films will be able to compare to that of Avatar, which was shot with special cameras intended for 3-D. We also won’t be guaranteed to see these new films since many movie theaters have not upgraded to projectors that allow them to show a movie in 3-D. With over 15 titles releasing in 3-D this year, it is possible that studios will see a decline in ticket sales due to lack of showings?

Cartoons have also jumped on the 3-D band wagon. This year Pixar will be releasing Toy Story 3, Dreamworks will be releasing Shrek Forever After, and Disney will be releasing How To Train Your Dragon. My children have been fortunate enough to experience 3-D films during a recent trip to Disney World. After about five minutes into the film, they were tired of wearing their “special” glasses. Without the glasses, children have a difficult time enjoying the movie since it will appear very blurry. With this in mind, many parents will probably hesitate to take their children to a 3-D movie. Why not wait until it comes out on video and watch it without creating unnecessary headaches?

Although I really enjoyed watching Avatar in 3-D, I don’t think I want it to become the norm in movie going. What are your opinions regarding 3-D films? Are you excited about Hollywood’s new direction for films? Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion!

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