Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Digital vs. Hard Copy

We are living in the age of digital, well…everything. Anything you could possibly need seems to be right at your fingertips. With a click of a button, we can download movies, music, TV shows, books, newspapers, etc… Digital vs. hard copy has been an ongoing debate between my husband and I for years. Which is better? Which is more practical? Although I am losing some ground when it comes to digital music (I mean how convenient is ITunes), I stand firm when it comes to digital pictures and books (for now, at least). Don’t get me wrong, I love my digital camera as much as the next person, but I think we need to take the time to print hard copies of the pictures we cherish. What happens if your computer crashes tomorrow? Are you willing to risk losing all those precious memories forever?

Then that takes us to my beloved books. Could I possibly be satisfied reading from a digital reader for the rest of my life? Would I miss the feel and smell of a real book? I am currently testing out a Sony Reader (on loan from my wonderful mom). I have to admit, it is not all bad. It doesn’t have the same book feel to it, but it is definitely more eco friendly. It also takes up less space and is more cost effective. But are those reasons enough to convince me to stop buying my books??? I guess only time will tell. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both digital and hard copy, we all have our own preferences. Where do you stand in this ongoing debate?

Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion.


melia426 said...

I personally don't like ebooks. Our library provides some of the text books free online, and I wish I could use them b/c it would save me 1000s of dollars but I just can learn with them, a lot of my friends can so I guess its just a personal preference. I dont like the ereaders either, I love nothing more than to cuddle up in bed with a good book. I like the whole picture of it... the pages to hold, flipping threw them, the smell of them haha I dont know I guess we're are just book nerds kel :) haha

Natalie and Todd said...

I can't comment on the ebooks..because I don't read books. No joke. Am I a bad person for that? I read magazines, professional journals, and stuff online...but that's about it. I was definitely born with undiagnosed with ADD. I read a few pages of a book and I am either asleep or thinking about something else. Oh well..I will stop rambling :) Kel, I agree with you about the photos. I love my digital camera, but I don't like how I put off getting the pictures developed. When you've already viewed them on the computer it's really easy to say "I will just take them to Costco when I have the time". Over three years have passed and I've yet to develop a photo - it's my New Years Resolution. I hope to get caught up on making picture books of all of the photos I've taken! I think it's important for creating memories for our families and for others to view in the years to come. One thing I miss about the pre-digital camera age is the anticipation I used to get when I'd drop off film and then hurriedly go through an envelope of freshly developed pictures. These days you take three pictures of the same thing before you are "ok" with one. Especially if it's a picture of a group of people. If one person looks take the picture again...and then possibly AGAIN! The element of surprise is long gone. And no longer will I experience looking through pics that I forgot I took - I miss that!

Kel said...

Melia426 - I am definitely a book nerd. :)

Natties - You sound just like my husband. He hates reading a book that involves a story. But hand him a computer manual and he'll get through the whole thing and memorize it. Maybe for fun, you should buy a disposable camera, take a few pics, and drop it off at the store. Then you can have the surprise you've been missing. :)

Melissa said...


I love books. I've downloaded free ebooks, and I really haven't read them yet. I always have a book or two on the go and I don't think I could get used to an ereader. I like turning the pages and holding them, and I think they are easier on the eyes (my myopia is bad enough already!) I might try one one day, but I don't think I'd stop buying or reading real books altogether. Those concerned about the environment can always trade them in at a used bookstore or loan them to others.