Saturday, February 6, 2010

Open Discussion: Blizzard 2010

How is the snow treating you?   Did it reach the promised 20-30 inch mark? 

Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion!


Papa said...

Yes, but barely. My beautiful wife put a yardstick on our deck and it measured about 22 inches, but I think we already had about 2 inches on the deck, so I guess we had about 20 inches.

However, my children had more where they live! My oldest son had over 2 feet, but his beautiful wife got stuck at work. Hopefully she'll get home today. My beautiful oldest daughter had over 2 feet, maybe close to 3 feet. Her husband went to work on Friday, but made it home safely. My youngest son had over 2 feet as well. His beautiful wife from Brazil is proably overwhelmed - but hey, so am I. My gorgeous youngest daughter had about 30 inches, so over 2 feet too. So she'll hopefully stay home today to watch the Super Bowl.

So my entire family (yes, with all the beautiful women) had over 100 inches! :-)

Kel said...

Too Funny!! :) You are so lucky to have a family with such beautiful women! Love you!

melia426 said...

haha I love you dad!! :)I'm staying home to watch the super bowl so I can be safe and have my pharm book with me haha