Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Great TV You May Have Missed

With the hundreds of channels now available on cable TV, it is hard to know what to watch. Most of us tend to stick to the main network channels when it comes to Primetime Television, but could we be missing a new favorite? USA, Syfy, the CW, and FX may not be network channels, but they have produced some great series. Psych, one of my favorite shows, plays on USA at 10:00, Wednesday nights. The writers of Psych have created a show that mixes comedy with drama. Shawn, the main character of Psych, is a police consultant whose keen observation skills lead the police to believe he is psychic. Eureka, another household favorite plays on the Syfy channel during the summer. Like Psych, Eureka is a comedy/drama that will have you laughing out loud. Eureka takes place in a fictional town created by geniuses to protect America’s most valuable scientific advancements. With so much dangerous knowledge located in a single town, Sheriff Carter must find a way to keep things in order. Other cable shows you may have missed include Warehouse 13 (Syfy), Royal Pains(USA), Castle(NBC...ok, not cable, but a really great show), and The Tudors (HBO).

Of course there are also many shows on the network channels. Some favorites in our house include NCIS, Chuck, House, 24, Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family. What shows are your favorite? What have we been missing?

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Natalie and Todd said...

I love "24" (on FOX), "Modern Family" (comedy on either ABC or NBC), "Friday Night Lights" (a DirectTV exclusive show), "Intervention" (on A&E), and a few others I can think of right now.

Cristina said...

We love Monk:) I think they still air it on cable...