Sunday, February 14, 2010

Poetry Corner: Eternal Love

Our love is eternal
Here on Earth and into Heaven.
My heart I willingly give,
My life I will surrender.

I trust in you to keep
Me safe right by your side.
I pray you will remember
To me you can confide.

I vow to protect your heart
Keep you sane and treat you right,
Have faith that you will always be
My friend, my love, my life.

(first poem I wrote for my husband, 9 years ago today.  Happy V-Day!)


Annie said...

That's a wonderful poem. You are so talented.

Kel said...

Thanks! Hopefully after nine years I can write a little better, but I love this one because it was the first one I wrote for Joel (Valentine's 2001).

Natalie and Todd said...

Awesome poem! Like Annie are so talented!!