Friday, November 12, 2010

Off To Disney!

So vacation time has arrived!  After 30 days of pulling links off our countdown chain, we are down to one.  I doubt my kids will be concentrating very well at school today knowing that we are leaving first thing in the morning. But hopefully they won't get themselves into any trouble! :)   All next week, I have prescheduled posts about the different parks we are visiting, the resort, and even a little about the Disney Vacation Club.  But I realized that I didn't write anything about the Dining.  This will be the first year that we will be taking advantage of the Disney Dining plan so we decided to explore some new restaurants.  I figured I give you a little idea about what we will be experiencing and then fill you in with our review later.

The first night we arrive, we will be eating at the Beach Club Resort (the one we are staying at).  They offer an all you can eat seafood buffet with many non-seafood choices as well.   I am so excited to eat the snow crab legs and my husband can't wait to dig into the shrimp.  The second day we will be using our dining credit to have breakfast at the Crystal Palace.  This traditional breakfast is a character buffet.  Our daughters are in love with Winnie the Pooh and his friends, so I have a feeling this will be a hit. The third night we will be eating at Le Cellier Steak House.  This restaurant, located in the Canadian Pavilion of ECOT,  is so popular that starting next year you will have to use two table credits to dine there.  Hopefully that mean it will taste REALLY good!

The fourth night, we will also be dining in EPCOT.  This time we will be venturing over to the Japanese Pavilion to eat at Teppan Edo, a fun Japanese Steakhouse.  The following day, we will be having lunch at Hollywood and Vine, located in Disney's Hollywood Studios.   This lunch buffet will include entertainment provided by the Playhouse Disney friends.  The sixth night, we will dining at the Garden Grill.  This meal, hosted by Mickey, Chip and Dale, will be quite an experience.  The restaurant is located over one EPCOT's garden and it rotates while you eat (this is only from info I've read).  Our final night will be spent eating at Nine Dragons, located in the China Pavillion at EPCOT.  Not sure if there will be anything spectacular about this restaurant, but we love Chinese Food, so it should be a hit.

If you have visited any of these restaurants and have some feedback, I'd love to hear it.  However, if you have negative feedback, I'd love if you hold off until we get back. :)  I would hate to go into it with bad expectations!  Well, I'm off.  I will be checking comments at the end of every night, but I may not answer many until I return.  Have a great week!!!


Papa said...

Hope you guys have a wonderful, fun-filled, and relaxing trip Sweetie.

Love you,

Redbonegirl97 said...

Have fun!!

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Marsha said...

Jealous! We love Disney! I can't wait to hear about the weather this time of year. We're considering a trip next November and would love to know what to expect.

Now for the restaurants! Crystal Palace for breakfast is awesome. What time is your reservation? We had an 8:15 reservation, before the park opened. We were able to eat AND explore a little of the park before the crowds arrived. It was one of the most fun experiences of the trip. We got some magnificent pics of the castle with no other people in the picture. Amazing!

Le Cellier is a great place to eat, but I doubt if we'll spend two meal credits on it. The pretzel bread was quite yummy. My husband and I both enjoyed our steaks.

We also really enjoyed the Garden Grill. If you can, ride The Land boat ride first. You'll see some of the scenery from the restaurant as it rotates. It helps to know what you're looking at. And the restaurant rotates very slowly, so no worries about motion sickness. The food was delicious, too.

I hope you have a lovely trip!

Angela said...

The Dinning plan is the way to go! We had it and ate so well! You all get an app, meal and dessert! SO GOOD. My dad had a different creme brule every night.

Le Cellier is AMAZING - so so good!!

The Japanese place is amazing too! You made great choices!!!

We ate at the buffet place in Hollywood studios.

The Italian place in MK is really yummy too. Also, get your counter service meal at cosmic rays starlight cafe. You get SO MUCH food. My brother got a rack of ribs, for lunch!

I loved staying on Disney property and using the dining plan. It really was convenient!

Have so much fun! I am super jealous!