Thursday, November 11, 2010

Open Discussion: Digital vs. Hard Copy

We are living in the age of digital, well…everything. Anything you could possibly need seems to be right at your fingertips. With a click of a button, we can download movies, music, TV shows, books, newspapers, etc… Digital vs. hard copy has been an ongoing debate between my husband and I for years. Which is better? Which is more practical? Although I am losing some ground when it comes to digital music (I mean how convenient is ITunes), I stand firm when it comes to digital pictures and books (for now, at least). Don’t get me wrong, I love my digital camera as much as the next person, but I think we need to take the time to print hard copies of the pictures we cherish. What happens if your computer crashes tomorrow? Are you willing to risk losing all those precious memories forever?

Then that takes us to my beloved books. Could I possibly be satisfied reading from a digital reader for the rest of my life? Would I miss the feel and smell of a real book? I am currently testing out a Sony Reader (on loan from my wonderful mom). I have to admit, it is not all bad. It doesn’t have the same book feel to it, but it is definitely more eco friendly. It also takes up less space and is more cost effective. But are those reasons enough to convince me to stop buying my books??? I guess only time will tell. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both digital and hard copy, we all have our own preferences. Where do you stand in this ongoing debate?

Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion.


Deb said...

I don't mind the digital music, but I draw the line at digital books. I've tried different digital book readers and I didn't like them. There is something about holding a book in my hands, feeling the weight of it, and turning the pages that I absolutely LOVE. I do not get the same satifaction for digital readers. :(

Redbonegirl97 said...

People are always laughing at me because I print all my pictures instead of leaving them on a camera. I like to have tangible things. Yes I still save them on a portable hard drive, skydrive and emails, but I still like having something to touch.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

blueviolet said...

I like the hard copies. Always will!

Anonymous said...

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