Monday, May 17, 2010

Chris Brogan Challenge : Books I Want to Write

As I was sitting in a lonely hotel room, waiting for my husband to get out of work, I was searching the web for new ideas for my blog. During my search, I came across a guy named Chris Brogan, author of Social Media 101 and coauthor of Trust Agents. Mr. Brogan had made a list of 100 blog topics that he hoped “I” would write about. Many of his ideas fit me perfectly, while others I’m not really sure what they are. In all my boredom, I decided to challenge myself to write about all 100 of his topics. This won’t be easy, since some of the topics are a big question mark to me, but a little research never hurt anyone. Figuring in the fact that I don’t write real posts on the weekend, this challenge will be 100% successful if I complete it in 20 weeks. So let’s begin…Day Sixteen – Topic Sixteen(still going)!

Although I’ve reached my goal of successfully writing a book, there are definitely more books that I want to write. My completed manuscript is historical fiction for young kids, grades 2-5. It is intended to be a series, so of course I am hopeful to write some more in the series. I’ve already started the second book, but I’m taking my time completing it because I’ve yet to find representation for the first. Of course if I didn’t have my blog to write for, two kids to take care of, and a household to run, I’d probably have finished the second one already. But all in good time. Besides this children’s series, I have many ideas floating around in my head. The majority of books I read tend to fall in the Christian Women’s Fiction category. So I would love to try my hand in writing a book that fits that category. I’ve started a book in this genre (only 15 pages done), but I may have to start over because I was trying my hand at writing in first person and it sure is difficult. But I guess, it is good to try new things. I have another work in progress that I’m really excited about. It has been a difficult road put it together because I’ve been working with my husband on it. My husband does not enjoy reading books or writing anything, but he came to me one day with a great story and he asked me to write it. It is a hard collaboration because he works all the time and when he is home, helping create this awesome story is not top priority (which I’m glad about). One day we will finish it (Maybe in 20 years) and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. What types of books would you like to write? Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion!

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