Monday, March 1, 2010

Open Discussion: Shampoo

Does expensive salon shampoo really make a difference? We see all the commercial by Suave trying to convince us that their $1.99 product gives as much body and moisture, but is it really true? Since I am, for the lack of a better word, frugal, I have never bought salon shampoo. Am I missing anything? Should I invest more in my next bottle?

Grab a latte, put up your feet, and join the discussion!


2busy said...

I have expensive shampoo and cheap shampoo. I like to rotate every other day that way I don't get a build up of either.

Kelly's Lucky You said...

In the different discount vs salon shampoo that I've tried, it hasn't mattered. But, I have noticed a difference when you move into conditioner and styling products.

Next time you go to a salon, ask if they have any sample sizes and try for yourself. Let me know what you think, okay?

Jennifer M. said...

I have long/thick/coarse hair and it makes a huge difference. Right now, Im using Herbal Essence for Long Hair and I love it. Anything cheaper than that, and my hair is so hard to manage. I have purchased expensive salon shampoo and conditioner and although I loved the end results, its not practical considering the amount of product I go through.


Susan said...

When I use the cheap shampoos and conditioners on my hair, it usually comes out full of static and flat looking. I have very fine, straight hair, but a lot of it. My hair has a tendency to have "fly away" strands no matter what I use.

When I use expensive shampoos and conditioners my hair is much easier to manage because the expensive brands make my hair plump up more, making it appear thicker, and I won't get as many "fly away" strands.

I suppose if you already have nice thick hair with natural body, it wouldn't matter what you used. LOL!

I do agree with you that using additional hair styling products makes up for using a cheaper shampoo or conditioner. When I use mousse or other styling products my hair behaves much better no matter what I used to wash my hair.

content2be said...

My personal experience is that the conditioner makes the biggest difference. If I don't use a good conditioner, I can barely get a comb through my hair. Shampoo, both salon and cheapo, I haven't been able to tell much difference.